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Bases, bases, bases!

After finishing the Doctor today, I went a bit nuts on half-basing things. I started out with some Fiendish Fabrications bases I was going to paint for a friend of mine along with a showgirl and doll for Malifaux. I realised the other day that if I paint all of them with a basecoat on the airbrush, I can drybrush them all and oil wash them in about the same amount of time I could do two without the airbrush. And that way they all match:

I also decided to do some plaster casting to make a few display plinths. Armed with a few cupcake trays and plaster, I mixed up a batch or two and made some bases:

The Doctor on a 30mm base fits on top of the smaller bases. The larger one just fits a 50mm base, so I've lucked out on the size of these trays! I just have to see if the fridge magnets in the little ones are strong enough to hold a model with magnets on the base, otherwise I might have to make a few wire coils to go in there next time...

The 10th Doctor! Finished!

I finished up the 10th Doctor / Dr. Hugh McCrimmon model over the past few days. Here are the finished pictures, and also, a CMON link: