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Things Get Played: Lady Justice, defeated in Parramatta

As a quick post, I've been playing Malifaux on a weekly basis for a while now. This is for a few reasons:
1) I figured if I didn't force some R&R into my life, into would be hard to fit in later on
2) A great Hobby Store, The Games Cube, opened up a few suburbs away, and they run Malifaux on Wednesday nights
3) In the time I wasn't playing it, I missed it, and wanted to play it more.
 4) I wanted to use Justice more in the lead-up to 2nd Edition, to try to get more 1st edition experience with her before the switch.

In the past few weeks I've managed to get a game in every week at least (apart from one night where I painted), and a few months ago played in the GT here in Sydney. It's also been fun going against some crews I don't often get a chance to go up against. Last week I went up against Mark's Colette Crew, which is a really nice looking crew. Mark did a write up on his own blog with some pictures of the match you should check out if you have t…