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Things Get Painted - Tree Spirit

A quick picture of a tree spirit I did a speed paint on. Fun to get another mini done.

Things Get Painted - The Cliff Dragon

You've already seen this guy, but I figured I'd do another post to show the base, and the finished model.

I did a really basic base with odd tufts of grass, and then...
Resin time! Yep, I'm trying water effects again. This time I messed around with some colouring options (I'll go into that at a later date), and made enough mistakes to learn what to do on a future comp entry.
I put some extra 50my round bases under the normal base. They were glued in, but just served to raise the main base from the table. That way, when I put the tape edging on it, there was more structure for the tape to help form an edge for the pour.
After leaving it for two days to set, I removed the tape. The base had a strange white buildup, but I'm not sure if that was tape residue or something else. Either way, it was able to be sanded back with the resin, the edge of which was then given a gloss coat.
Finally, I used some Vallejo water effect gel on the top of the water. I may revisit this at so…

Thing Get Painted - Wereape and Cliff Dragon

Another round of quick updates. Here are some wip shots of the Wereape from Bones 3.

I wanted a quick base, and one that was green and saturated to contrast the ape itself. A few tufts help break it up from just being static grass. It's not perfect, but it's done and table ready, so I'm happy. It was really fun to paint as well, so I'd definitely consider painting more in the future.

This is a Grenadier Cliff Dragon I got for $2 at a bring and buy years ago. For the last few months it has been sitting half done on my desk. I figured that it's better finished to a tabletop quality than sitting there hoping I get a chance to paint it.

My main inspiration was the old yellow and green orc wyvern from 90s Warhammer. I ended up going with a pale green for the chest though to make it a bit different. I also made some tall tufts of grass for the base before the final stage. The bingo challenge I mentioned a while ago mentions a base more elaborate than you'd usually use f…

Things Get Painted - Winter Wolf

So, after prepping for cons, going to cons, prepping and going to the states, then catching up on things when I got back home, I finally got to finish something last night:
This is a Winter Wolf from Bones 3. You can probably see that it was a quick job, roughly drybrushed and based, and I didn't even clean the mold lines off it. But it was fun, and also made me want to paint my yetis.
I painted the exposed to of the base RMS Surf Aqua, then after adding some grass tufts, coated the base and some of the rock in a mix of Secret Weapon Realistic Water and old GW Snow powder. The aim was to get a melting snow look. Not perfect, but serviceable on the table top.

I want to experiment more with snow effects, but at the moment I feel the GW snow powder is not the way to go. I am look into other alternatives.
Next up, finishing this guy! I started both the wolf and ape while I was away for Gammacon before I went away, so I'm looking forward to finishing this one up as well, even if it is …