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Things Get Painted - Rackham Familiar of Dark

Just a quick post for this little model!  This was a mini I painted for the 6th OzPainters Challenge, with the theme of Dark. Initially I wanted to do it as a graveyard scene, but while I was hunting for bits I found a plinth I had got from Weisern on OzPainters a few years ago. I wanted this to be a quick job, so I just did some plain texture on top and painted the model.

I initially wanted to paint it took look like a moonlit scene, but it quickly moved towards a blue-tinted black and white scene. This was also my first time trying out NMM in a more serious fashion, and I think I am getting slightly better at it, but also have a way to go. The scythe was a good area to practice on though, as it let me get a chance to try this on a large flat surface and blend something a bit more, which I haven't done in a while. 

It's also the first Rackham mini I have ever painted, so it's a small item on my painting bucket list ticked!

The mini can be voted on as well with these links…

Things Get Played - Kingdom Death #1

So after dinner last night, with Critical Role running in the background, I sat down and started to learn one of the biggest Kickstarter games around, and the biggest I have in my games library: Kingdom Death!

Hooray! That's right, Kingdom Death: Monster, the game of simulating the ever growing profit-and-loss spreadsheet of a doomed multinational company! Wait... No... Come back! I joke, it's a really cool game. Those are just character sheets. I swear!
So, I've glanced through the rules a bit, and watched a 'how to play' video while putting the Butcher together, so I had a brief understanding of the rules. Luckily, the game is designed to play the Prologue event first, after assembling the Prologue sprue (Kingdom Death being the first company I have encountered to arrange a game intro like that, which I appreciate).  But before I did that, I decided to grab the cards I was likely to use out and sleeve them, because I paid too much for this game to damage cards st…

Things Get Painted - WIP Wednesday #1

A quick update on some things I've been keeping busy with lately. I might break these out into more detail descriptions later, but this is a quick "get it posted" chance.Some malifaux models in various states of painting, a broken Pandora Avatar, a finished Rackham Familiar of Dark with better photos due this week, and the start of an enormous Kingdom Death build...

Things Get Painted - Lilith

Time to get back to these mini photos! This one is Lilith, the Master of the crew I have been showing off lately, and one of the few Masters I have been genuinely scared of when I started learning to use them!

Lilith is the Mother of Monsters, and one of the more fearsome powers within the Neverborn faction. Taking the place of her sister, Nekima, who should have been in control of the Nephilim when the humans were first pushed back through The Breach, she has a pretty nasty reputation. 

One of my first times using her, I was in a situation I hadn't been in before: I'd been reading up on her crew casually for well over a year knowing I was interested in playing them, so I already knew a few of the tricks. 

She worked a bit better than expected, and I'm almost lucky that I didn't take her in a grow list. Admittedly, the board was laid out as a large crossroads, but it allowed her to dictate a large swath of the board as off-limits, and quickly dispose of a few powerful…

Things Get Painted - Barbaros

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay getting this one posted. The last few weeks have been a bit distracting. I want to do a write up about PAX, so I'll hopefully get a chance to do that over the weekend. In the meantime here is Barbaros!

Barbaros is Lilith's Henchman in the Mother of Monsters box. Sculpt wise, while I was annoyed at the number of teeth on the giant sword he has, but in the end they weren't that hard to clean up and paint.

He's a bit different to the the other Nephilim, in that fluff wise he is somewhere between a Young and Mature Nephilim, but cannot fly as his wings are stunted.

I really like the skin colour I got on him, but my favourite part was doing the wings. I enjoyed getting a chance to do some kind of natural texture on them.

So that's Barbaros! I've used him in a few games so far, an he tends to be a lot better than most people initially expect, especially when he needs to move enemies around the table. So he's an auto take for me at…

Things Get Painted - Malifaux Lilith Crew

I'm going to start with the group, and then move on to the individuals later on...

This is my Lilith Crew. It's got a bit of fun history, so I might waffle on a bit for this one...

When the first M2E plastics came out, I was circling around the Mother of Monsters box. I'm a Neverborn fan, and I'd read a bit about them. I liked the idea of a Master that could hit hard and control the battlefield. My first foray with Pandora was initially trying to use her as a melee beatstick incorrectly, so this seemed a bit of a sarcastic twist for my initial plan. 
I think I picked the core box up about 6 months after it was released. and it sat around while I considered how to paint it. After Gencon last year, when I painted a Teddy during the speedpaint finals, I decided to grab a Teddy to go with it. Because all Neverborn crews need a Teddy, right?

I grabbed one from the Wyrd booth before leaving, which I'll come back to later. But in all honesty, I've not actually used Te…

Things Get Painted - Malifaux Cherub

Back with another model painted about this time last year. I'm really behind in getting photos sorted...

So this is a Malifaux Cherub I painted late 2014 to go with a Lilith crew I had purchased at the start of the year.

I've never been a huge fan of the old model but this one seemed to fit more into the Terror Tots that came with the box set. In all honesty, I was actually keen to paint this, mainly for the huge wings.

The base is a metal Bayou Base Insert, also from Wyrd Games. It was selected for this model as it had the dip in the base I could glue the wing tip into without pinning it, and still be secure. There is a lot of Araldite holding it in place. 

The skin was first painted with an airbrush and GW acrylics, before I went in with a standard brush to do the rest of the model. Other paints used were mainly GW acrylics, with some Vallejo and P3, Tamiya clear gloss, and oil paints at the end for a bit of lining. 

I've had this on display at a few conventions, usually…

Things Get Painted - Pandora's Crew deserves a Box...

If you ever seen me transporting my minis, you may have figured out I have an unhealthy addiction to Sistema lunch boxes and Daiso display cases. Well. This past weekend, to go with the new Detolf I got the week before, I grabbed some new Daiso cases in sizes I haven't got before!

That's my Pandora crew all collected into one box! I get to make jokes about it being Pandora's Box until it stops being funny! Which is never!
So my basic method with these is to blutack all the models down. They have a clear she'll that goes over the. Top which is great for keeping the dust out as well.

Once the lid is on, they are fairly well protected and can stack, so you can have a few on top of each other to save some space as well! For frequent use cases, I'll hold them together with rubber bands as they are easier to transport, but for larger displays (this is the largest one I have right now) I use builders tape to hold it shut.

You can also see that some of them have a stepped vari…

Things Get Painted - Katie

So, this will be a quick post. This was done for the OzPainters Challenge #3, where my least painted colour is apparently pink. This model is TINY! It's a 30mm base she is standing on, so that shows how short she is.

I based the colour scheme slightly on Penny from Inspector Gadget. Because I'm old, and thought that was fun. Anyway, onto the pictures!

For those of you who vote on minis...

CMON - Here!
Putty and Paint - Here!

Things Get Played - Journey - Wrath Of Demons

So, in the quickest time I think I have ever done this, I got two games of Journey in today! I can't remember when I got a new game AND got to play it so quickly!

Btu first, I feel I need to remind people of what my first introduction to the story this board game is based on is:

With that in mind, I was aware that this was not going to be a comedy game where the Monkey King plucked hairs from his head to power attacks, or questioned the sexual preferences of his opponents and team mates. But I was giggling at the memories as I played.

To be brief, the game is quite fun! I read the book of the original story years ago, so I was aware that Pigsy and Sandy were not the names of two of the companions, but old habits and so on, I still referred to them as that. But flicking through at least Monkey's cards (I was playing him), I was happy to see a few references to things like The Book Of The Dead, especially in the way that they operated in game.

Anyway, we played the first two que…