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Things Get Built - Sedition Wars Strain

Several years ago, a friend offered me a chance to piggyback on a Kickstarter he was getting in on. The Kickstarter was Sedition Wars, and it was a combination of Studio McVey models, who I was already a fan of, and CMON, who were riding high after their success of Zombicide. 
...Yes, for those of you who haven't realised it yet, this blog post takes place in the long ago, when there was only one Zombicide, and Kickstarters were still a new thing which people had not yet fully discovered the uses of. 
I pledged with my friend, added in some extra bits, and enjoyed watching the campaign grow and expand, especially in the final few hours of the campaign as stretch goals seemed to get right out of hand. For you see, dear reader, these were the halcyon days of Kickstarter, when backing a board game meant you got ten of everything you would have got anyway, and people complained when it didn't turn up a week after funding. 
...Oh wait, that still happens...

Anyway, a few weeks ago…

Things Get Built - Let the backlog begin!

So, as part of my lead up to shoulder surgery, I spent some time prepping models to paint when I was better, as well as generally helping to get through some of the backlog of minis I have lying around ready to be used for stuff. 

First up were some Haqqislam models from Infinity. I have had these sitting around a long time, as they were in the same demo kit I got my hands on a while ago where my Yu Jing models are from. While it's not the basing style I had originally planned for them, I still like how they turned out. They are a nice change to the Yu Jing models. These ones are a bit chunkier, but still have some nice lines to them. My experience with the Yu Jing models was that while Infinity models seem intimidating at first, they are no more difficult to paint than other models, and lend themselves to to some simple yet effective colour schemes with room to have fun.  Progress left until painting: I have to fill a few small gaps on some models, and they are ready to undercoat…

Things Get Converted - My Arm, and my future painting plans

So, a quick update to explain why my painting has been getting slower lately, why it's going to be really slow for the next few weeks, and why it should pick up again soon.
I celebrated my final day of being 32 by having a surgeon perform what I am assured was a simple conversion on my arm. This meant that I started my 33rd year by pressing a morphine button, and ended the day with this photo.
Fire and blood. Welcome to Westeros Medical. 
For the last ten years or so, I have had an osteochondroma on my arm. I won't go into gory details here, but essentially it was a bone spur on my left arm just beneath the shoulder. When it was first found it wasn't visible, but about seven years ago it started to be visible through a shirt sleeve unless I had my arm twisted around, and for the last few years it was visible to a point that wasn't able to be hidden. 
One of the annoying things for the last few years has been that it's something stuck beneath the muscle. I haven'…

Things Get Painted - Dragons and Dirigibles

I'll make this quick...

Oh, dragons! Oh, dirigibles! 
These are models from the Dreadfleet set that GW released a few years ago. Each set comes with one of each...
Yeah, I bought two copies of Dreadfleet... But the second time was mainly for the ocean mat to use for Dystopian Wars, I swear!
These are actually pretty fun to paint. The dirigibles are painted with dry rush and wash metallics, and the green and gold from my usual Dwarf army scheme. The dragons were painted with washes and dry rushes on the bodies, but layering on the wings and claws, which take up more room than the bodies at the end of the day. The ocean was painted to match my Dystopian Wars ships, which will also, eventually, match my Dreadfleet ships.
So why did I paint them? Well, I wanted a quick project. These are fun, and apart from forgetting some paints, done in an afternoon painting meet up. The White Dragon and a Dirigible did briefly make their way onto a DnD table a few weeks ago as reference points, bu…

From The Vaults - Counters and Cards

As a note, this post will have very little in the way of hobby-nutritional value. But it's a skip down memory lane, which is always fun. Well, not always, but this time it was!
I'm cleaning some things up at the moment to figure out where I've out most of my stuff. A few months ago I emptied a deteriorating plastic box from a bargain store into a Sistema container. The original box was thrown out, and the new one was pushed to a corner, having "cards and stuff" in it. I went to put it somewhere better earlier tonight, and realised it contains most of the counters and templates from my early gaming days!

While not totally drowned in 90's nostalgia, it does have a few interesting memories in here. There are some newer plastic templates, as a believe after a while the box was a storage container for any template for GW that I got my hands on.

Epic tokens! Also some 40k ones from White Dwarf, but mainly Epic! I remember carefully sitting and putting clear contact ov…