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Back from Cancon with a sack of loot!

This Monday was a relaxing day for me: Since Wednesday, I have been in convention mode; running round getting stuff ready for the trip to Canberra, then helping friends out for stuff that was being taken to Cancon, and after getting back yesterday and crawling into bed around 2am, I woke up and have spent the day doing a bunch of small tasks, culminating with this blog post and a few others being prepared.

For those who haven't heard of it, Cancon is a convention held in Canberra, ACT in Australia. I went down to help some friends with a stand they were running, and also spend lots of money (In my usual "It's my first time at this con" routine). So what did I come back with? Well, this:

Want a closer look? Well, here you go! (Complete with photos of my only slightly clean rug...):

First up: Loot from Eureka! While I've been aware for the past few years that I'm able to pre-order and pick things up on the day, I tend to take my luck, and use the excuse to dig th…

12 for '12 - Things I Want To Watch

Part Three of this collection (And the last, I promise) - 12 things I want to watch this year:

Alien Quadrilogy
A few nights ago, it was pointed out that it was (possibly) a huge nerd fail that I did not know what a Colonial Marine was, base on the fact I have only seen the first Alien movie, but none of the ones that come after it. Yeah, the first one was good, and there were some elements of it that I noticed which were really original and cool for when the movie was first made, but I never watched anything after the first one, even though I own the movie. This has to be addressed, possibly before Prometheus comes out.

Yep, the entire series. Yet another series I own and have not watched. Well, I watched the first four episodes or something like that, and then didn't get a chance to keep going. I was enjoying it, but after I started watching it, I ran out of time to keep going, so I dropped out. And I never saw any of it when it was on television. So, time to fix that...


Random Thoughts 6 - Peter Cushing and his toy soldiers

Came across this video yesterday thanks to a friend. Turns out Peter Cushing was a miniature enthusiast and played Little Wars (The HG Wells rules):

This guy killed Dracula (Among many other achievements). This hobby officially cannot get any more hardcore.

Things Get Painted - Men In Black

These are some quick photos of a blister of Copplestone Casting Men In Black models I painted up with some friends a few weeks ago. The whole point of the night was to try to get some models churned out quickly to a decent to look at and use on the table standard. I was a bit relieved that I was able to get through all five miniatures to a usable point within about 6 hours, which is actually pretty quick for me.

After painting them, Andrew did a base up for them and finished them up with some Silfor grass tufts. He also went and repainted the hair (Because at midnight it looked good, but when viewed with rested eyes, the hair was no good) and a few other details which didn't turn out right, and is going to have the fully finished photos up on his blog at some point in the future.

Paint scheme steps that I can remember (Pretty basic):

Black undercoat

The first level had already been done when I got my hands on them, but I believe it was airbrushed Tamiya Flat Flesh. I then wash…

12 for '12 - Things I Want To Paint

Again, I reserve the right to change this list, but this is a brief look at what I want to get finished this year. Given how long I spend, this has the potential to be the biggest time sink, as watching movies and TV shows take less time than reading books, which are often even less time than painting miniatures. But we'll see how I go with this list:

Seamus Crew
This is a project I am working on at the moment. This has a bit of a time limit on it, as I need to get them finished for Cancon at the end of January. All I need to do is the Rotten Belles and the Madame, but they do have some details on them where I need to spend some attention on them. Also, lamposts. Although, they won't take nearly as long.

12 pieces of terrain
I needed a number. Twelve seemed to be a reasonable number and fit in. I have five fences in the works at the moment, however I also want to get some specific Malifaux terrain done up as well, and possibly also some counters for various effects and scenarios.…

Things Get Painted - GW Fences

I have seen some pretty good examples of these fences done up in the past, and after deciding that I needed to get some scenery for Malifaux games and things like that, I realised that the $35 or so that GW Aus has these priced as is not as bad as some of the other models they have in their range. What I have below accounts for about half the box, and are all of the 'small' fences. There are also several fence sections about twice the size of these ones, and also two smaller signposts. However all of these will be left for another time, as these will suffice me for now.

I think that they came out OK. Most of the colours were done with drybrushing which for me is a nice change in terms of how much I can churn out in the space of a few hours. They were mainly done at a local GW store the first day of opening after the Christmas break for one of their giffle days. All in all, these took me about 6 hours I think, factoring in the time spent at the store, and the hour or so spent o…

12 for '12 – Things I want to read

The idea for this came from Andrew when I was talking to him the other day, and I tweaked it a bit, and then went overboard for a few items. So this is the first of three posts – another two are coming for things I want to paint and watch in 2012.

Also, because this is my blog, I'm pointing out these are some goals for 2012, but in no way are they actual resolutions. I also reserve the right to change these with little to no notice, claim I never wrote these, and refuse point blank to admit to the existence of this blog if things go bad.

So these are twelve things I want to read in 2012. Not all of these are single novels, and not all of them are things I haven't started reading already. But these are 12 things that at the end of 2012 I want to be able to say 'I have read'.

The Court of the Air – Stephen Hunt
A friend from work lent this to me a while ago, and I'm about 100 pages in. So far, it's a fun sci-fi/fantasy/steampunk story. I'm enjoying it, but am …

Random Thoughts 5 - HAPPY NEW YEARS!

So new years has rolled around, and at the time of this going live, I'm honestly not sure what I will be doing. However, I'm typing this up ahead of time to get a few things ready to post on time. Anyway, I figured that I'd go through some of the bloggy things I've enjoyed this year...

Dungeons & Dragons

After not playing this since uni, I got invited to play in a campaign earlier in the year (which is still ongoing). I almost forgot how enjoyable this game can be, especially with a good group of people. So far the games have been fantastic, even if the other team got killed off two games in, leaving the 'regulars' team with a sense of dread nearly every game that this is the one we will finally be killed in. The story that has been created for it as well is full of plenty of side details to make a conspiracy theorist like me start to watch out for tiny elements that may come back later. And playing an Elf Ranger with a... not very obvious morale code and wha…