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OK, another backdated post...

This is Teddy for my Malifaux Pandora crew. The base was done up with the same colours to match the rest of the crew, however the difference this time was that I airbrushed the colours on. Thanks to some masking tape and planning ahead, I got the colours down very quickly, and only needed to touch up two tiles. It saved a LOT of stress trying to do that many tiles by hand. There are WIP photos, however I might post them at a later time. Another thing I did with this model was managed to do the fur (apart from a few final highlights at the end) with the airbrush, which allowed me to speed the whole process up a great deal.

A shot of him with Kade for size reference.

And a self-promoting CMON link...

Gubbinz the Goblin Jester

OK, I'm going through and adding backdated updates as I forgot to post them earlier, or didn't get a chance to post them when they should have been posted...

This is the Goblin Jester I finished for the Lost Demon category for Golden Demon this year. I didn't place with him, but I was told that he came close, so I was pleased with that. I also got some great feedback about him from people on the day.

And a CMON link as usual

Bases, bases, bases!

After finishing the Doctor today, I went a bit nuts on half-basing things. I started out with some Fiendish Fabrications bases I was going to paint for a friend of mine along with a showgirl and doll for Malifaux. I realised the other day that if I paint all of them with a basecoat on the airbrush, I can drybrush them all and oil wash them in about the same amount of time I could do two without the airbrush. And that way they all match:

I also decided to do some plaster casting to make a few display plinths. Armed with a few cupcake trays and plaster, I mixed up a batch or two and made some bases:

The Doctor on a 30mm base fits on top of the smaller bases. The larger one just fits a 50mm base, so I've lucked out on the size of these trays! I just have to see if the fridge magnets in the little ones are strong enough to hold a model with magnets on the base, otherwise I might have to make a few wire coils to go in there next time...

The 10th Doctor! Finished!

I finished up the 10th Doctor / Dr. Hugh McCrimmon model over the past few days. Here are the finished pictures, and also, a CMON link:


Space Aliens!

A quick update of random WIPs:

First, The Doctor! This is his '3rd regeneration', as he's already been overpainted and also stripped back before reaching this stage. The shading on his suit is done, so I just need to do highlights and pinstripes on it, and then I can move on to other things:

Also, some Tyranid Warriors. Only the blue is done on them. I still have to figure out what to do with them when I am finished. I;m not too keen on selling them as has been suggested, but I'm not really playing games with them. I'm inclined to just collect them piece by piece until I have a full army, and maybe in a few years I will get back into the games.

And finally, the result of spare bits and blutack, producing what may one day be an open entry when I want a good laugh: Rocket Tau!

Sorrows part 2 - Now the Crew is complete!

Remember that airbrushing? It turned out I needed very little work (Even less than I expected) to finish off the Sorrows. The advantage here was that I got them done in time for the painting contest at MOAB, and got to enter them in the unit category (Even though they weren't a planned entry). So what do they look like now? Andrew Lum (Numbat - kindly took some photos:

And the crew themselves:

CMON Links are: and

Next up for Malifaux, I have to finish of my Morgue Assistant who has been around here for a while. After that, I picked up Teddy and the Poltergeist at MOAB, so I guess they are the two that are going to be done after that...

The Doctor!

OK, so since the last post, time sought of dragged on. I got nothing extra done for demons (I managed to break the Dreadlord), and everything went downhill from there. Last Saturday, MOAB was on, and I put together some Tyranid Warriors to take with me to paint on the day. I remembered pretty quickly how frustrating I find it to paint Tyranids with all their plating, so lost interest pretty quickly. I saw some pretty neat bases there, so decided that I would get some on Sunday, and get another model based on one of them just to see what they were like. I had an idea for a while to do one of my 10th Doctor miniatures (See Here) on a cobblestone base. There was one which was nearly exactly what I was looking for in a pack of five, and that was the kick start I needed to paint him. Saturday I cleaned him up, Sunday I did no painting, and for the past few days I have been itching to get things done around the flat in order to convince myself I have time to paint him. A few nights ago I di…

Dreadlord WIP, and a lack of power

Last post, then sleep. Sleep wasn't something I got much of last night, as I was trying to do some work on this guy; my next GD project:

But then not long after I got the base done to this level:

...The power went off, leaving my to do little odds and ends with a head-mounted lamp while I waited for the electrician to show up and find the cause of the problem. Leaving me with this:

...Then it turned out they couldn't fix it, meaning I had to get up early this morning to feed some cats I was minding for a friend, then head to the real estate to get it sorted by their electrician. How took seven hours to turn up (Hence all the side projects as the desk is blocked pretty well from light).

Anyway, normal painting schedule should resume as normal from tomorrow morning (Here's hoping...)

Sorrows / Fun with the airbrush

Next up are the Malifaux Sorrows. These have been floating around for a while, and I figured today with some downtime (See the next post) that I could clean them, get the base, and possibly even the bulk of the green done with the airbrush. After some cutting and gluing, failed pinning, and fun with putty and slate, I broke out the airbrush...

(It has a hands on feel by the end...)

And then the Sorrows were painted to some degree:

The rocks were a happy accident. The accident was breaking my new .5mm drill bit in a Sorrow on my first time using it. The happy bit was that when I propped one model up with a rock after trying to putty it in place, it looked good, so I decided to continue that on the other tow models. I may have to add some sand beyond this do it doesn't look like someone just piled the rocks up, but I think it looks OK.

As for the rest, I have to do a a few tiny touchups (Not even visible in the photos) on some dark colours in the green, and a few bolder highlights, and…

Jester Finished

Lots of updates tonight, and this is the first:

The Jester is finished! My first GD entry of the year is done, and I've picked up already on a few things I did wrong in the process to correct for my next project. But here are some interim shots of him at the moment:

Quick! Get painting!

I've been lazy. To a degree. Anything I start ends up sitting on the desk unfinished for a while. So this is what I have been working on: A Goblin Jester for Demons (The Lost Demon category), and a Morgue Assistant from Wyrd.

The Morgue assistant base isn't 100% complete yet - I have to add some water with some blood in it to fill up the grate.

Alternate Necromancer Photos

OK, I tried taking a few different shots of the Necromancer. In the end I used the blue parchment background as it gave a closer balance of the colours, even though they still see a little off to me. But I figured I would post these up anyway. So here are some links to the other Photobucket folders with the pictures:

Blue Gradient 1 This was on the standard blue gradient, but the colours came out too warm.

Blue Gradient 2 The same gradient, different alignment of the shots.

Grey Parchment Grey parchment paper. The greens seem a bit closer to the real colours in this set, but the rest of the colours are off.

Necromancer - Finished!

Last week I finished the Necromancer, but never got around to posting him here. So here are the photos. I was happy with how he turned out. This was my first time trying to paint with muted colours, so I ended up using a lot of grey and browns in his colours. I like how he turned out, however I noted that he stands out obviously among all my other brightly coloured models :)

CMON Link as usual