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Things Get Painted - Barbaros

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay getting this one posted. The last few weeks have been a bit distracting. I want to do a write up about PAX, so I'll hopefully get a chance to do that over the weekend. In the meantime here is Barbaros!

Barbaros is Lilith's Henchman in the Mother of Monsters box. Sculpt wise, while I was annoyed at the number of teeth on the giant sword he has, but in the end they weren't that hard to clean up and paint.

He's a bit different to the the other Nephilim, in that fluff wise he is somewhere between a Young and Mature Nephilim, but cannot fly as his wings are stunted.

I really like the skin colour I got on him, but my favourite part was doing the wings. I enjoyed getting a chance to do some kind of natural texture on them.

So that's Barbaros! I've used him in a few games so far, an he tends to be a lot better than most people initially expect, especially when he needs to move enemies around the table. So he's an auto take for me at…

Things Get Painted - Malifaux Lilith Crew

I'm going to start with the group, and then move on to the individuals later on...

This is my Lilith Crew. It's got a bit of fun history, so I might waffle on a bit for this one...

When the first M2E plastics came out, I was circling around the Mother of Monsters box. I'm a Neverborn fan, and I'd read a bit about them. I liked the idea of a Master that could hit hard and control the battlefield. My first foray with Pandora was initially trying to use her as a melee beatstick incorrectly, so this seemed a bit of a sarcastic twist for my initial plan. 
I think I picked the core box up about 6 months after it was released. and it sat around while I considered how to paint it. After Gencon last year, when I painted a Teddy during the speedpaint finals, I decided to grab a Teddy to go with it. Because all Neverborn crews need a Teddy, right?

I grabbed one from the Wyrd booth before leaving, which I'll come back to later. But in all honesty, I've not actually used Te…

Things Get Painted - Malifaux Cherub

Back with another model painted about this time last year. I'm really behind in getting photos sorted...

So this is a Malifaux Cherub I painted late 2014 to go with a Lilith crew I had purchased at the start of the year.

I've never been a huge fan of the old model but this one seemed to fit more into the Terror Tots that came with the box set. In all honesty, I was actually keen to paint this, mainly for the huge wings.

The base is a metal Bayou Base Insert, also from Wyrd Games. It was selected for this model as it had the dip in the base I could glue the wing tip into without pinning it, and still be secure. There is a lot of Araldite holding it in place. 

The skin was first painted with an airbrush and GW acrylics, before I went in with a standard brush to do the rest of the model. Other paints used were mainly GW acrylics, with some Vallejo and P3, Tamiya clear gloss, and oil paints at the end for a bit of lining. 

I've had this on display at a few conventions, usually…