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Space Aliens!

A quick update of random WIPs:

First, The Doctor! This is his '3rd regeneration', as he's already been overpainted and also stripped back before reaching this stage. The shading on his suit is done, so I just need to do highlights and pinstripes on it, and then I can move on to other things:

Also, some Tyranid Warriors. Only the blue is done on them. I still have to figure out what to do with them when I am finished. I;m not too keen on selling them as has been suggested, but I'm not really playing games with them. I'm inclined to just collect them piece by piece until I have a full army, and maybe in a few years I will get back into the games.

And finally, the result of spare bits and blutack, producing what may one day be an open entry when I want a good laugh: Rocket Tau!

Sorrows part 2 - Now the Crew is complete!

Remember that airbrushing? It turned out I needed very little work (Even less than I expected) to finish off the Sorrows. The advantage here was that I got them done in time for the painting contest at MOAB, and got to enter them in the unit category (Even though they weren't a planned entry). So what do they look like now? Andrew Lum (Numbat - kindly took some photos:

And the crew themselves:

CMON Links are: and

Next up for Malifaux, I have to finish of my Morgue Assistant who has been around here for a while. After that, I picked up Teddy and the Poltergeist at MOAB, so I guess they are the two that are going to be done after that...

The Doctor!

OK, so since the last post, time sought of dragged on. I got nothing extra done for demons (I managed to break the Dreadlord), and everything went downhill from there. Last Saturday, MOAB was on, and I put together some Tyranid Warriors to take with me to paint on the day. I remembered pretty quickly how frustrating I find it to paint Tyranids with all their plating, so lost interest pretty quickly. I saw some pretty neat bases there, so decided that I would get some on Sunday, and get another model based on one of them just to see what they were like. I had an idea for a while to do one of my 10th Doctor miniatures (See Here) on a cobblestone base. There was one which was nearly exactly what I was looking for in a pack of five, and that was the kick start I needed to paint him. Saturday I cleaned him up, Sunday I did no painting, and for the past few days I have been itching to get things done around the flat in order to convince myself I have time to paint him. A few nights ago I di…