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Things Get Painted - Malifaux Crooligans

Crooligans! Now that the Crossroads Seven are finished, I've been trying to clear a few projects that have been sitting reasonably unattended for a while. The crooligans have been mocking me for a while, what with their being really useful in game, cheap, and only slightly green, so look worse than unpainted models. Anyway, over the weekend at a group painting day, I managed to get them reasonably finished, with the final touches done when I got home on Sunday night.

I like that I get to use a muted green and bone pallet for most of the model, then some crazy colours when it comes to the skin, and a few other parts (purple patches crop up here and there) Those pinks and reds turn up in the skintones of the Crooligans, and the bright green was a mix of Reaper Clears in order to give them some creepy glowing eyes. 

This is just before I left the painting day. Everything was done bar the oil washes and static grass, however I did a wash of darker brown over the hair, as I believe i …

Things Get Painted - The Crossroads Seven

Well, this was fun!

As gruelling as it was to remain focussed on one project for so long and keep it consistent, this was fun. And I'm really pleased with the end result. What follows below are photos taken during the process, some notes on each model, and the final group photos.

Admittedly, few Malifaux models are composed of few pieces. There were several sessions of constructing the models, as well as gap filling, and that is most likely the most boring part of the experience. I had already developed and idea on how to do the bases early on, and knocked a few elements out of the mix as I went (Paper posters advertising the band,  multiple different kinds of rocks apart from the two that ended up being used), but kept a few others. Planks of discarded wood from the collapsed Crossroads Hotel was something in the original mix, which is why a few are singed, however they ended up being used to support a few miniatures as well, which was a happy occurrence. The base texture was a m…