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Things Get Painted - Dragon Hatchling

Quick pictures of the Reaper Bones Dragon Hatching I finished last night. Tabletop quality, so I haven't fussed doing fancy photos. I have a few more of these to paint, and I'm going to try a few different things with them in the future. Lots of fun for a quick job, and now I have a new tiny friend :D.
Painted using Reaper MSP, Secret Weapon Washes, and Broken Toad brushes.

Things Get Painted - Imbrian Arts Goblin Shrike

Last year I was burned out from trying to paint Gencon entries. I never got any of my planned entries done, and while I was doing that, I was slowly getting annoyed at any progress I did make. A friend suggested that I paint something for fun. I found this little Shrike sitting on my desk and cleaned him up while I was watching a moving. 
Then glued him to a base with texture, and undercoated him.
Cause "Surely I'll paint him when I am back from the States...", I thought.
An hour later I had done a wash on him to bring out the details, which I had recently heard of again and wanted to try out. 
Two days later I messaged my friend that I was painting a bit more of the model each night. It broke me, in the best of ways. 

At first glance, this little fellow has an insane amount of texture on it, which makes it a bit daunting at first. But that's pleasantly not the case. The bandages on this model (I openly admit to a hatred of bandages on models I want to paint for dis…

Things Get Painted - Terror Tots

Back again with more photos! This time round are the Terror Tots that I did for my Lilith crew. I'll also talk about what I was doing with the bases and minis a bit during this. 

Terror Tot 1. While these were all painted together, they each gave me a chance to do some things I had not done before. Number 1 gave me a chance to work on some weird curved blades, so I got to mess around with the coloured metallics I was doing in a different circumstance. I also was trying a different way of doing bone colour that I had heard previously from Georc. Mixing two complementary colours like a yellow bone and dark purple (Like I used on the skin) gives a muted colour, so you can fade between the two easily. This let me try working some purple shade into the bone. 

Terror Tot 2. This little guy had a lot of personality, and I specifically remember the face being great fun to paint. The punching daggers he has are also the reason I wanted to do blood effects on the crew. However, due to the …