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Things Get Painted - Iron Maiden

I got this painted up last night in about an hour. It's a fun bit of terrain for any dungeon crawl I run in the future, and a pretty straight forward model to paint up as well.

A few people had asked how I painted it up, so I figured I'd run through it quickly on here. All paints mentioned are reaper paints.

The entire model was painted Muddy Soil. I thin base coated the metal with a mix of Antique Gold and Leaf Green. I drybrushed with Antique Gold, the Antique Gold and Honed Steel. I added a bit more Honed Steel to pick out edges and the top of bolts. I lined any deep marking with Muddy Soil. I washed with Muddy Soil as well to add a bit of depth back to the larger panels.

The verdigris was a mix of Leaf Green and Dragon Blue, brushed into the gaps where water would gather, and brushed some large steaks running down the panels. I then added more Pale Green, then Pure White for subsequent streaks. I also painted the eyes on these colours, then a wash of Leaf Green and Muddy Soil…