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Painted Things - Mantic Pitdog, Bederken Crowangle, and Guild of Harmony Asheara

OK, this is going to be a quick wrap up and update of some models I got finished after Golden Demon this year (The demon models will get posted early new year) . The three of these models were quick ones I wanted to get finished for various reasons. They were never going to be the most well painted models, but they were ones I wanted to paint for fun:

Mantic Pitdog:


This was a model that as soon as I saw it, I wanted to have a go at painting. Even after I purchased the model, I knew I had to wait a bit before starting on it, but I spent a while doodling idea on how I was going to paint it. In the end, I airbrushed on the brown colour, then masked the top half off and airbrushed the white colour. Once finished, I did the final highlights by hand, and then did the leather and gold as I normally would. The model itself doesn't have a base of it's own in the kit, so I filled the depression in a Dwarf base with putty, and glued the dog on. A quick bse and static grass, and h…

Things Get Opened - Wyrd Nightmare Edition Dead Justice Box

This is the Wyrd Nightmare Edition Dead Justice box. Giggidy. Just plain Giggidy.

Wyrd released these for Cancon at the same time as the Nightmare Teddy and Miss Demeanour model I looked at a while ago. The Dead Justice box was a limited release as an alternate box of the standard Justice crew, and also had cards for both the standard box, and alternate cards to use them as Resurrectionist models. So, in the box we shall look!

The contents are pretty much standard for any of the crew boxes in the Wyrd range at the moment. Five models, and all of the represent the models in the current Justice box (So, Lady Justice, the Judge, and three Death Marshals). The only difference is the card sets: there is the standard Justice group, and also the Resurrectionists cards. They don't for a new crew with a new master, but they do give the option for them to be used as alternate models.

The cards are slightly different to usual, in that they have the alternate artwork on them. When the details …

Random Thoughts 4 - Cool things from the 'Net

Just a quick post as I thought I should share a few things I have found in the past few days:

First, a cool TMNT themed army that I found over on WargamerAU:
Click Here in a timely manner

Also, so cool trailers that have come out in the past few days:

The Dark Knight Rises

The Hobbit

Things Get Built - Wyrd Insidious Madness

A few months ago, I noticed on the Wyrd forums there was a post about people having trouble putting together the Insidious Madness, specifically how the arms were a bit confusing in terms of where they fit. I had two of these for a Malifaux tournament that I was getting ready for,and at first glance, I thought it looked like something that would be pretty fun to put together (even if it was a bit of a challenge). How wrong I was...

I did a dry fit, and one of the problems seemed to be holding the arms all in place at once. With a bit of positioning, I started to figure out how it goes together, and thought I should take some photos as I go and do a write up. I did however manage to not get the final photo of the model built but it should be straight forward from that point.

First of all, what you need for the quick fit to make things easier, are these things:

Superglue is essential, unless you have some kind of super-superglue. I also used some superglue accelerator in order to speed up…

Things Get Opened – Foundry Paints

Another thing I got just before MOAB this year were a few sets of Foundry Paints from Aetherworks. I had been looking through the Foundry books and noticed that they had some colours that were either ones I wanted and couldn't get easily (For instance, orange, which GW has dropped down to two only on their standard paints range), or were ones that I wanted to get just for variations (Such as purple, I tend to go to that for variation for some reason). So the option came up to order a few paints, and...

OK, now some people may think that I'm made for buying that many paints in one go. And I'll tell you know, this is the weakest signal of my insanity. The Foundry paints range is actually pretty well planned though. Basically, the Foundry paint range is based around triads. For some reason, I've only seen them in Foundry and Coat d'Arms, and while they do exist in other ranges like GW, people like Foundry tend to make it more obvious as to what the plan is. Basically,…

Random Thoughts 3 - Painting on the move!

So this ended up being one of those happy coincidences. A while ago at work, I realised that when I wasn't cleaning models to paint (That's a time killer that gets boring fast, and draws a lot of strange looks), I ended up messing around on my phone to the point that I would drain the batteries by 4pm, and be without a phone until I got home.

I realised that with a little planning, and carefully selecting what I was going to paint, I could probably fit some painting in at work. So I dug together a box to pack my stuff in, and decided what paints and models to take with me:

Now, I figured that I was going to be in a few uncomfortable positions what with there being no painting desks at work, and that I would have to do this outside. Inside at my desk no one would have a problem with, but I didn't want to have to explain this to everyone who walked by due to the amount of time I would lose, and this was going to end up being time critical to a point. That meant I was probably…

Things Get Opened: Wyrd Gencon Specials – Nightmare Teddy and Miss Demeanour

WOW! So there was a... more than significant delay in getting the next post up...

And to add insult to injury, I've got photos ready to post, but I just haven't got any text to post them with! I've had thing after thing come up and delay me everytime I think I have a chance to do something for the blog, and it keeps dragging out.

So anyway, I'm back, and hopefully by the time this refreshes onto the blog, I'll have a few more lined up ready to go towards the New Year. My GD photos are still waiting to be posted, but they might come out early in the New Year. Meanwhile, here is a look at a few things I got just before Demons, and I figured I would do a post about them similar to the Dreadfleet one I did.

So, back in (oh, so long ago) August, Wyrd went to Gencon, and took with them a few specials. The main three “Get 'em quick” style ones were Nightmare Edition Teddy, Nightmare Edition Dead Justice crew box, and Miss Demeanour. Miss Demeanour was a special one, as…