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Quick WIP update - Sebastian, Morgue Assistant

A quick update on the Morgue assistant I am working on at the moment:

Hopefully, I can finish him in the next day or two, then move on to a few other Wyrd models. At the moment, this guy is covered in Masking Fluid to protect painted bits while I paint other bits on him to avoid having to do touch ups later on, so he is all shiny and yellow in places.

Dark Eldar Archon / Evil Space Elf Corsair

OK, so this guy is not really an Archon as much as an Evil Space Elf Corsair. He is for the GW North Sydney painting contest. I'll be honest; I wasn't looking forward to painting the Archon model, as even though it is a nice sculpt, it just didn't appeal to me. I had some spare parts from some Dark Elf Corsair models, and they fit together with this model pretty well. I used some close combat weapons for the arms with the chainmail covered up to form sleeves on the top of the arms, and covered up the gap at the front of the helmet to get a plain helmeted head on it. The beacon thing on the base was made using one of the Dark Eldar tank weapons topped with a pistol part. I twisted together some copper wire to make some barbed wire-ish parts to go on the bottom of the beacon. I'm not too sure what I was thinking for a lot of this model. I think a lot of it was fairly random...

I also did the blue armour with my airbrush. Because now I seem to look at every model and wonde…

Aetherworks outhouse

I picked this up at MOAB as something that looked like a fun model, and it looked like something I could use the airbrush on. Plus, I don't have anywhere near enough terrain that looks decent, and this was going to take a few minutes to put together, so it was win-win all the way! The only thing I think I should have done differently was sand down the surfaces better and seal the wood. I used some rough sandpaper to sand down the wood when I filled the small gaps, and in some places the MDF was a bit rough. If I had spent a few minutes going over it with a fine grade of sandpaper and sealed the wood before I started painting it, it would have avoided the small rough patches that appear in a few places on the model. Other than that, I think it looks great. I had a small piece of plasticard that I used to base it as an afterthought, as the model looked a bit strange sitting without a base next to everything else.

Tyranid Warriors

These were some Tyranid Warriors I started to paint up when MOAB was on. I originally cleaned them up and bought them along so that I would have something to paint on the day. The problem was that I cleaned them up, undercoated them, and then spent the first day slowly painting the models. Due to my complete lack of motivation to get them painted, they were around for weeks before I actually finished painting them. If I had thought about it better (And I have many times since then), I could have used the airbrush to do the basecoat on the scales and then the blue skin, and it would have cut down the time by a large amount. Oh well, there are plenty of Tyranid models lying around to finish in the future...

Random Thoughts 2 – A whole family of Time Lords?

Today I came across an article from The Sun (Here) that David Tennant and Georgia Moffett have got engaged. It is from The Sun (So with no official confirmation, it's probably got as much credibility at the moment as the results from a Large Hadron Collider I could build on my flat using toilet paper rolls), but if it is true, congratulations to both of them.

Either way, does this mean David Tennant officially wins the 'Living every Doctor Who fan's dream' award? From what I have read, he got into acting because he wanted to play Doctor Who (Mission accomplished). He then worked with the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison, who he has been quoted as saying is his favourite Doctor) and is no supposed to be engaged to Davison's daughter. He's also one of the fans favourite Doctors, and with the 50th anniversary on 2013, a lot of people believe he will come back to it in some way (Most likely as some sort of special). Does he get a trophy?

Also, if these two have a kid, wo…

The great sprue clean-up of 2010/2011!

Every year for the past few years I have entered the conversion contest at GW Parramatta. The prize is usually a bag of bitz; a bigger bag depending on how well you did. In 2008 I won the "You" category with a night goblin converted up to look like me, and got a large bag of bitz. Last year I didn't place, but still got a small bag of odds and ends which topped up my bitz box. In 2008 there was a trading session in the back room almost as soon as the winners were announced, and I ended up trading away a few pieces I either did not want, need, or couldn't identify, and came away with some cool things because of the trade. Last year I couldn't get in until a few days after the announcement, so I had no such luck. This year I was in Sydney for the holidays, and thought I would get to trade away again if I won anything. In 2008, I managed to get my hands on all but one arm of an old metal giant, and that's going to be converted someday into a useable state...

I ha…