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Ture - Night Goblin Boss

This guy has been finished for a few weeks, but I hadn't posted pics of him anywhere until tonight, as I was waiting for him to arrive in Sweden, where he was sent as an exchange. Anyway, this is a Night Goblin Boss (Named Ture by his new owner).

I wanted to do some darker clothes with lighter skin to make the face and hands stand out, and also put him on a barren base so he was a display model, but not overly complicated.

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The path to Little Wars...

OK, I'm back, and updating now because I can't sleep...

I can blame the lack of updates on a few different things, but in the end it comes down to time, and the priorities I was putting on different things. As a result, I've also got very little painting done. Two Paint Klub entries never got completed, and I'm waiting till I get some other stuff out of the way before I try to do any more of those at the moment. But I have gotten back into the swing of things and started painting things for once. And at the same time, I'm starting to work on some entries for Little Wars in a few weeks. So this is what I have planned at the moment...

Open: Guild Of Harmony Necromancer

OK, I admit I have been trying to get this guy finished for a while. I really like the model, but I can never get far enough into the model without messing it up, and keep stripping it back. Previous colour schemes were rejected until I was happy with a green and beige scheme that I stumbled on ages ago, …