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Random Thoughts 12 - Preventing shaking hands

OK, I went away for six weeks, and Blogger changes its layout... Not weird at all...

Anyway, I need to get some new photos up soon (The reason there have been a lack of posts is I was focused too much on painting). However, I thought I would share this video which I found via Twitter earlier this week by ichibanpainting. My hands shake normally, but thisreally helps cut down the shaking I have found:

The only thing I would suggest that you use wide rubber bands. The wider it is, the more spread out the pressure on your wrists and fingers is. I used some thin rubber bands I had on hand, and after about 50 minutes, they had left purple bruises around my hands, and had dug into them. Going to a wider band didn't remove the problem, but did make it a lot less obvious, and it cleared up quicker. I'll get some photos up in the next few days.

If you are interested in more of ichibanpainting's videos, they can be found here: