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WIP - Hwesta Lasse Part 2

These are some quick photos I took of a bit more work I did on Hwesta during a painting night recently while my back was playing up (And I therefore had no interest in painting Golden Demon entries).

While I was painting, these were being uploaded to my Twitter account, which is where I am able to post them straight from my painting table without starting a new blog post.

The plan for her is to make the colours a bit more obvious, just so she stops getting targeted as a zombie accidentally again...

Painting the Eureka Frogs

These are the steps I used for painting the frogs. As mentioned a few times previously, I did a large surface area on these with the airbrush to speed up the large areas that I had to paint, which could be covered and highlighted a lot quicker than with a brush.

Back markings (Airbrushed):
Base - Calthan Brown and Red Gore (1:1)
H - Khemri Brown and small amount of Red Gore

Some dots of latex masking fluid were put over the area to later create the dots on the back.

Belly (Airbrushed):
Base - Bestial Brown and Tausept Ochre (1:1)
H - Kommando Khaki

The belly was covered with a layer of masking fluid to block out the area I wanted left 'white'.

Skin (Airbrushed):
Base - Chaos Black, Warlock Purple, and Camo Green (1:1:1)
H - Camo Green
H - P3 Sulphuric Yellow with a small amount of Camo Green
H (Brush) - P3 Sulphuric Yellow

At this point, all the masking fluid was peeled off, leaving the previous two layers to show through.

Eyes (Back to the paintbrush from here on in):
Base - Skull White
S -…

Eureka Frogs - Finished!

OK, these are the finished photos of the Eureka frog troops. I won't blab on with how I painted that; I'll leave it for the next post. But here are the photos!

The base is a wood tray lasercut by Aetherworks which I added texture to and painted.

Now, for the individual frogs...

CMON Link:

Eureka Frogs - Work in progress photos

OK, these are some work in progress shots of my Eureka frog troops. I posted one of these a while ago which was done up a bit like a test subject. I had a good idea of what I wanted them to look like, but needed to make sure that I could get them done properly.

The main thing I did differently with these was that when I airbrushed them, I did different areas of them in different layers, masking them as I went. So I did them red/brown area on the back, and masked it off in dots. I then airbrushed the bellies, masked them off, and did the rest of the skin. Once finished, I peeled off the liquid latex mask that I had put down to leave the green skin with the darker dots on the back and pale bellies, but without having to carefully layer up each colour and fix up mistakes.

Once the main colours were done, I just had to finish off the smaller details, which on these models were mainly the hammers, the webs on the toes, and the eyes. On a few of the 'higher ranking' miniatures, there…

My plans for Golden Demon 2011

By the time I get this posted (These are all being scheduled beforehand), I'll hopefully be very close to having my first model for Golden Demon finished. However before I forget to make a list of these things, I'm going to get it posted somewhere so that I can be held to task.

This year I'm aiming to finish some projects that have been floating around as planned entries for the past few years. The three main ones I want to get finished are my single model entries, but I also have two units I want to do up as well...

WFB Single - Dark Elf Dreadlord
As much as I dislike a lot of the Dark Elf models in the past that GW did in terms of what can be done painting wise on them, I really like this model. Having said that, I'm a sucker for dragons, and he has a pet one. I want a pet dragon! The closest I am probably going to get is painting this though. From the pose, I imagined him standing on a cliff looking down, so I have made a plinth like base for him to stand on. Originall…

Sebastian - WIP and finished product

Again, this is another model that I finished ages ago, forgot to take photos of, and never posted. Big mess up on my part.

Anyway, this is Sebastian the Morgue Assistant from Wyrd. He was one of the first models I purchased from Wyrd (back in the days before they game with cards), and I always wanted to paint him, but never seemed to have the time to do so. I finally started painting him at the beginning of the year, and had a few starts and stops on him, including repainting the base colour of the robe at one point near the beginning. Initially I had a morgue style base done up for him - tiny (a few mm each) tiles in alternating shades of green with a drain full of blood, and a few blood splatters. I was rather pleased with it until I finished the model. I noticed that the base was warped slightly after having being painted so long ago. When I tried to take Sebastian off the base to fix it, I ripped the insert out and damaged it! Trying to get him finished ASAP, I opted to use an Aet…

Seamus - WIP and Finished product

Not only did I realise that I forgot to post photos of Seamus when he was finished, I realised that I forgot to take many photos of the WIP stages. So instead of doing a WIP post and a finished product post like I thought I would be able to do, I'm combining them into one post.

First, the WIP shots I have:

For someone with a 'press the pretty button' addiction, I took surprisingly phot (The same goes for Sebastian and the Copycat Killer as well). In the final photo, he was very near done. I just had to do the final oil washes to finish him off.

The final photo:


I used and Aetherworks base insert matching the Copycat Killer on his base.

The paint scheme I used (For Seamus and the Copycat Killer) was:

Base - Dwarf Flesh
Wash - Scab Red
Wash - Bestial Brown and Chaos Black
HL - Dwarf Flesh
HL - Dwarf Flesh and Bleached Bone
HL - Bleached Bone
HL - Skull White
Glaze - Red Gore
Glaze - Dark Flesh

Base - Regal Blue and Chaos Black
HL -…

The dice are evil... and must be punished!

The last few games of Dnd I have played, my dice have failed me during crucial checks. I bought new dice to try to counter this, but still thought that the other dice had got off rather easily...

...Which is why I decided to punish the old ones as a demonstration to the new ones!

(Cue maniacal laughter)

A friend had suggested burning sage near them in an effort to smoke anything bad off them (To clear any negative energy off them (Honest, See?!). I had my heart set on some kind of cleansing fire as well. I had a little time to spare the other day, so decided to finally show the new dice what happens to dice that misbehave...

I put some sage in a little metal eggcup I found underneath a steaming rack. Technically, I think this is meant to be white sage, but considering how hard it was to find sage *not* in powdered form in the supermarket, I was happy to settle with the crushed stuff I got my hands on. I laid the dice out, and set fire to the sage as best I could:

The pyromaniac in me faile…