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Things Get Painted - WIP - Chaos Warrior from a long forgotten time.

I've started some challenges on the OzPainters forum, and this month the challenge is to paint red. Just after it started (yeah, I picked a topic with no specific target for myself, which was fun) I realised I had picked up a classic chaos warrior at a bring and buy (possibly last years EucBowl).
Chaos Warriors are red, because the only God worth following is Khorne. Right?

Part of the fun has been flipping this guy over to find he is only two years younger than me. Potentially we were both in the UK at the same time, making our seperate ways here, on,y to meet nearly thirty years later. But that meant something else as well...

The top right are metal filings from a Privateer Press model I'm working on at the moment. The bottom left, you may notice is a duller grey colour. This model contains lead. That's a blast from the past.

I built the base up using my usual tricks, and gave him a white undercoat to prep him for painting on Sunday.

As you might be able to tell, the colour p…

Things Get Painted - WIP - Moonlighting

A few quick snaps of the McMourning crew. I want to get more used to doing a bit more painting each night so I can start spending more time at the desk. All the models were under coated white so that I could start on the bases tonight. Because I was using dry rushing there, this meant I didn't have to be bothered with accuracy later on in the job.

The bases were flooded with brown ink, and while they were still wet there as a dark tone applied to the back, and a yellow applied to the front. Even once it's dry rushed, it gives a really subtle impression of the front and back of the base. The stones were blocked in, given a few washes, and stippled with line highlights to complete them. The final stage of the painting will be the black base edge, and after a varnish I'll do some grass tufts.

Finally, I did the skin base coat with Reaper Fair Shadow. I want a pale skin on the models, and the strange thing is that there isn't that much flesh on the models apart from the Fles…

Things Get Painted - WIP - By Order Of The Governor's Secretary!

Cardinal rule, I think, for anyone that wants to compete in miniature painting comps regularly, should be:"Don't start a new project within a few months of a competition."
Further to that: "Don't start an tabletop level project, that will confuse things."
The downfall of this is: "These old metals are cheap..."

I started another Malifaux crew...
Hall of Heroes is getting rid of some of their old stock at half price. I haven't been keen on new crews unless I can grab the totem at the same time. McMourning is a set of models I like, but the Zombie Chihuahua has been hard to get for a while. They had two in stock...
I grabbed them about a fortnight ago, and spent the end of my last two days at work listening to a phone that does not ring cleaning the mould lines off the models. Last night and tonight I assembled the models and stuck them to bases. For the first time in. Y life, I'm doing Malifaux models on what I consider to be 'basic' bases…

Things Get Played - Victory in Malifaux!

I want to take a few moments to talk about something that rarely happens to me, but happened all the same last Wednesday...
I won a game of Malifaux!
Seriously, I don't think that has happened all year. I forgot what it was like...
Well, technically it was a win by my opponent conceding, but he was basing that choice in maths, which I seem to be ok with.
(I mention this rarely happens, right?)

We elected to try the Evade the Patrol story encounter from Wyrd Chronicles. I ended up as the defender, having to keep my crew out of site of his Master and Henchmen. He was the attacker, having to stay away from the Guild patrol. As luck would have it, he had two unused Guild Guard, painted (as is the rest of the crew) by AdPaint. 
I was a bit annoyed that I was fielding bare plastic, so this will be motivation to get back and finish the crew. Anyway, I was using Lynch as a Ten Thunders master with Hungering Darkness, two Illuminated, two Low River Monks, Mr. Tannen, and two Ten Thunders Archers…

Things Get Read- The Shepherd's Crown

So an hour or two ago, this appeared in my Twitter feed:

I have somewhat mixed feelings about this, and I guess for mostly positive reasons.
If you had told me a few years ago, let's say two, when I was having a really bad year, that a new Tiffany Aching book was being released, I would have been over the moon. Tiffany Aching is one of my favourite characters not only in the Discworld series, but out of all the books I have read in the past two or so decades. I love the character, I adore how she is used in the series, and I think she was a great addition to the cast of characters, namely the Witches group. It's been great watching her grow through the books, the stories themselves being Pratchett's take on old style fairy tales (the dark ones, where non-human creatures cause mischief), and they remind me a bit of Roald Dahl stories, but with less of the prose I tend to think Dahl has. The Wee Free Men came out when I was in my third year of university, and I remember cuttin…

Things Get Painted - Reaper Bones

So, a quick update.ive been painting some bones minis recently. Nothing special, but just trying to get some cleared from my backlog, as well as getting them more useable for DnD. A few weeks ago, the reaper miniatures Facebook group had a tip in there about freezing bones models to make them a bit more brittle temporarily, and then using that opportunity to remove mould lines. They also suggested using a GW Seam scraper to remove the lines.
A friend of mine tried it last week, and the results were really good. I tried it without the scraper the other day and was impressed. So when I got my hands on one of them tonight and gave it a go, I was really happy!

Three minis: a warlock, wood elf, and ghast, all cleaned in about half an hour. They will be used in the next band of bakers game. Easily the best experience I have had cleaning minis in a long time. I also painted the Minotaur of the weekend. Not too impressive, but better than bare plastic. Mainly it was done using Reaper paints, bu…