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Things Get Opened - Wyrd Nightmare Lord Chompy Bits

OK, clearly I'm running out of things to do, as I'm doing an unboxing of a model everyone saw over a year ago on every other blog. But that won't stop me! Because, to some extent, I'm lazy...

So, on to the opening!

NIGHTMARE LORD CHOMPY BITS! I was lucky enough to get him during the Black Friday sale they had, and even though I forked out $100 for him (Well, I think slightly less due to the exchange rate), I think he's worth every penny. The fun thing with this is the weight. That box is the standard 'big creature' box from Wyrd, and it's full of metal. It's capable of being used to kill someone. Seriously. Don't throw it to people. You'll do them a damage.

In the box! That bag on the left is Lord Chompy. All of him. In bits. In a bag (Yeah, I think the 'kill people' reference is coming back again...). Also in there are the two Dreamer models, their bases, and the cards for use in the game.

The cards! These are the standard card for L…

Things get Painted - Wyrd Poltergeist

OK, I'm running a bit late on this one, so I have to be quick...

TaDa! This is the Poltergeist I painted ages ago! The colour scheme was done with an eye towards matching the Sorrows I did ages ago. I also tried out at a friends suggestion the idea of doing hair like fire, which works in well with the spirit side of the model I think. Anyway! Pictures!

CMON Link for anyone interested:
Wyrd Poltergeist by Turelio
Currently sitting on:

As for the paint scheme:

White Undercoat

(Airbrushed same colours as the Sorrows)
H: Sunburst Yellow and Rotting Flesh (1:1)
H: Rotting Flesh and Skull White (1:1)
H: Skull White
S: Orkhide Shade : Charadon Granite : Hawk Turquoise (1:1:1)

Base: Hawk Turquoise
H: Skull White added for highlights
H: Skull White

Base: Tallern Flesh
Wash: Scab Red
H: Tallarn Flesh
H: Tallarn Flesh and Skull White (1:1)

Base: Astronomican Grey
Wash: Devaln Mud
H: Skull White

Base: Dheneb Stone: Liche Purple (3:1)
S: Dheneb Stone and Liche Purple (1:1)
S: Liche Purple a…

Random Thought 8 - IAMA former Games Workshop employee. AMA.

I thought I would link to this article on Reddit. It's pretty long, but gives some insight into a few of GW's decisions which have seemed weird to fans in the past.

IAMA former Games Workshop employee. AMA.

Things Get Painted - Wyrd Zombie Chihuahua

I finally got pictures ready to post! Isn't it amazing! This is the Zombie Chihuahua from Wyrd. I don't play a McMourning crew, and this one is a Totem that can only be attached to him, but either way, I still wanted to paint it.

He's a bit strange in that he (Yes, it is a boy, there is a precise level of detail on these models...) is so small some details are hard to make out of the texture is skin or fur. So I chose in the end to do him with a lot of exposed skin, and went from there!

If anyone is interested in voting on CMON though, his link is here.

Currently he is sitting on

And as for the paint scheme:

White Undercoat

Flesh - Airbrush
Base: P3 Bastion Grey
H: P3 Cryx Bane Highlight
H: P3 Midlund Flesh
H: P3 Midlund Flesh and Skull White (1:1)
H: Skull White

Flesh - Brush
Wash: Midlund Flesh
S: P3 Cryx Bane Highlight
H: Skull White and Midlund Flesh (3:1)
Glaze: Warlock Purple
Glaze: Liche Purple

Base: Charadon Granite
H: Calthan Brown
H: Khemri Brown
H: Khemri Brown and Skull White…

Random Thoughts 7 - Thanks Colonel Shofer!

A friend pointed out to me today that he was looking through Colonel Shofer's blog, and noticed that he had linked to the Puppet Wars Multiplayer opening I posted yesterday!

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Colonel Shofer, and also welcome to anyone who has found this blog through his blog!

If you'd like to look at his blog, it is located HERE!

Things Get Opened - Puppet Wars Multiplayer Expansion

Hooray! I'm back! Better late than never and so on...

This is a quick rundown of opening the multiplayer expansion for Puppet Wars. What it offers is a way to go from the two players in the main game to four, or alternatively gives you two alternate masters, and a few extra sidekicks to expand your toybox. It also provides some more counters so that should you have four people playing, you have enough counters in different colours in order to differentiate the four players workbenches ingame.

This is the way I glamorously unbox items... The back it similarly packed to a Malifaux crew box. So you get models, cards, counters, bases, and foam.

Bases. See them? Good. That's the least interesting thing aside from the foam in the box, so let's move on...

The minis! This box has two new masters (Pandora and Marcus), as well as four new sidekicks (Joss, Kade, Sebastian and Nino). So it's a boost for the four 'suited' factions, as well as providing masters to use for the s…

Things Get Opened - Puppet Wars

Better late than never! I picked up Puppet Wars and the multiplayer expansion just before the end of the year, and took some unboxing photos when I first opened it up.

For now, I'm going to go through the main box, and I'll do an opening of the multiplayer expansion later on...

This is the main box. Everyone drooled over the images when they were firs released, so I'm not going to go into too much detail on it.

Opening up the box, it's pretty well arranged, the rulebook and pattern book are on top of the board, which covers up the rest of the things that go with the game.

The rulebook and pattern book. One thing I would point out is that while it may make sense to read the rulebook and then the pattern book, in this case it is probably better to read the pattern book and then the rulebook. The rulebook goes through all the main rules, but the pattern book has a few introductory games that build on the rules slowly, so it does explain the game in a few easy games that slo…