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Things Get Played: DnD 4th edition, and The Band of Bakers

A bit over a year ago, a dnd group formed at work, with me running as DM. I thought I should share a few things I've noticed in that time, as I've found it pretty interesting, a lot of fun, and a great reason to hang out with a bunch of awesome people. Originally this post was bigger, but technology has decided against that. So here are some things I have encountered, especially in the last few months when we got an extra member, and everyone found their feet. I'll try to add some new ones when I get a chance, but I'll mainly do them one at a time.
WANT TO WIN? COMMUNICATE! Seriously, dnd is at it's core a co-op game. The DM is there to guide the story and act as a rules marshal. The players drive the story. But more importantly, their teamwork can be the difference between a big win and a huge loss. The group I play with has mostly worked together for several years, being good at their jobs where communication is key. In game terms, that means that they act as a tea…