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Things Get Opened - Dropzone Commander Shaltari Tribes

Greetings all! I've returned, with many great ideas for blog articles! Many of these will be discarded as I approach certain times because, lets face it, I'm lazy :D

So, first of all, sorry for the lack of posts. With work, GD, and other things going on, I barely got a chance to check my emails some days, and I'm only now getting a handle on things.

So this is going to be a quick Things Get Opened post on this shiny new device:

 (And I'll apologise now for the shift in camera settings. I forgot to change them at one point...)

Judged and found wanting...

There are very few things about my hobby I dislike, and last night, three of them happened, all related...
1) Miniatures falling apart
2) Not being prepared
3) Having to scrape black paint off my fingernails at work the following morning, looking like I had a late night at a goth club
As some of you might know (From things like Twitter, not from this now rarely-updated blog), I've got myself involved in a Malifaux Slow Grow to try and clear out some models I have had backlogged for a while.