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I decided one of the last geeky things I should do is join Twitter. So I did:

Paint Klub II - Deathmaster Snikch

The second round of Paint Klub is on next Saturday, and as of Friday morning just gone I had yet to start putting together the model, and had only cleaned up a few pieces. So I put in an all nighter last night to get the base almost finished, and have been working for the past few hours to get the model into a near ready to paint state.

So, I built the base first... I wanted it to be a bit like a mine, with a little bridge he is standing on. The model itself is on a 20mm base, and the model has to stay on this for the contest, but I decided I could always build it up and make it a bit bigger...

Alternate Malifaux Photos

Some alternate photos of the Malifaux models. No extra work has been done on them since last time. However Andrew (His Blog) suggested it the other day using a gradient he had and changing the lights slightly. These haven't been through the usual Gimp editing I do, just resized in MS Paint.

Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures (NDS)

I bought this a few weeks ago, and it has managed to outweigh my enthusiasm for Zelda: Spirit Tracks. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for the Lego games, as it lets me relive my childhood days of playing with Lego without the pain of not cleaning up and getting pieces in my feet.

I'll admit that I'm no Indiana Jones fan, which is why I was hesitant to guy it at first (I don't even think I've managed to see any of the four films from start to finish in one sitting). However I'm definitely not a Star Wars fan, and yet I loved the Lego Star Wars games, so I figured this can't be too bad.

The main thing about these games is that I think they appeal to older gamers base appeals (Play entertaining character, hit things in creative ways, make a mess, and a bit of comedy) as well as the younger level of making a mess with Lego, and not having to clean it up. But the sheer joy in some of it is that there are very few consequences to your actions. If you lose all yo…

Candy - Final pictures

This is Candy from Wyrd Miniatures. I was testing out top down lighting on the model as well as gloss VS matte areas, and on the base i was playing with oil washes and pigments. The base is 30mm across, so she is really small! I'm just glad i managed to get proper photos of her. C&C welcome.

CMON voting link

MyModelCase link

Pandora and Baby Kade WIP

Work continues on the Malifaux miniatures, with Pandora and Baby Kade almost completed...


I finally finished Candy! I haven't got GIMP installed yet to edit the pictures properly, but here are some samples:

The computer is evil and must be punished!

I'm back. I have a few updates to enter into backdated posts from some things i have been up to in the past few weeks, so there will be updates over the next week or so. For the pas week my internet has been slowed to a crawl thanks to me using my download quote without realising it, and now i'm paying the price. To top it off, the condition of my PC has slowly been deteriorating over the past few months, and over the past few days it reached the point where it was incredibly slow, crashing Firfox for no reason, and opening/closing the DVD driver randomly...

So yesterday i decided to do what should have been done a long time ago. And it doesn't involve lighter fluid and the motherboard. I reformatted the PC, and have started from scratch. I'm (carefully) reloading software to make sure i have what i need, so everything at the moment is baby steps. Luckily i have external drives so backup is mostly done without having to think about it (I can't believe i used to back…

Malifaux bases III + The first step of painting my crew!

Oil washes finished to an extent on the bases:

I'm trying out a new set of colours for the flesh, and putting a little turquoise around the face to draw the eye. These models are great fun to paint, if a little fiddly in places. However they are keeping me at my painting table, so that is always a good thing!

Malifaux Bases II

A few more steps towards completing my Pandora crew: The bases are painted, and are ready for oil washes!

A few people did point out the gap in the base Baby Kade is on between the tiles and the edge, and the general comment has been it looks neater. Originally i filled the gaps on the other two to try to blend them onto the base. Having done that, i wish they all had the gap. It would have been so much easier painting the rims...

Lictor - Final Pictures

The Lictor is finished! I managed to win Paint Klub too, so i've chosen Deathmaster Snikch to do for the next round, due in 30th January.

Anyway, pics and links:



And playing with some other Tyranids: