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New display cabinet! And trophies!

For the past few months, Andrew (Blog) has been convincing me to get a Detolf from IKEA in order to get all my miniatures on display. Previously, they were in a perspex cabinet, but also sat all over the top of my TV cabinet, slowly collecting dust. After Games Day, sometime during MOAB, I decided to get one of these marvellous items. A good indicator towards it was that I helped assemble one, and while it was a bit tough not having done it before, they are really good cabinets, especially with a gap pre-built in it to fit a light.

So the weekend after, and early trip was made to the home of Swedish furniture hobby kits, and with Andrew's help, it was assembled, filled, and became my new favourite thing.

One advantage was that over the previous few weekends, I had also acquired some shiny new trophies to display in the cabinet:

From left to right, front to back, a silver and two bronzes from OzPainters Open in Melbourne, a 2nd place Large Model from MOAB, and two Golden Demons for L…

Things Get Opened: Dreadfleet!

Last month, GW tried to work everyone into a frenzy about a limited edition game they were releasing. Last time they did this, hints were dropped at it being a Space Hulk re-release. Rumour mills were fuelled, staff nodded knowingly, and tiny bits of information were leaked. After several weeks of this, it was revealed there would be a limited time release of... Space Hulk! Many long-time GW customers were happy, and people, including myself, purchased it. For the record, I've opened my box, checked for miscasts, closed it, and have only reopened it a few more times. I've never played my copy of Space Hulk.

So when a new limited game started to be hinted at, people were interested. Small bits of information and artwork were shown, and it seemed to have a pirate theme. Ships were spoken of. People agreed in a lot of circles that it must be Man O War. GW Staff and people in the know seemed to indicate it wasn't, but they had done this previously. When I turned up to Round Tw…

Painting Comps for 2011

A quick one as well: Games Day/Golden Demon was held two weeks ago, and I finally placed! Not only that, it was two gold! One for LOTR single and LOTR group. I'll do a bigger write up at some point in the future, and will also have some pictures of the entries soon (Hopefully).

On top of that, I ended up getting a silver and two bronzes from the OzPainters Open held in Melbourne a few weeks previous to Demons, and the same weekend as Demons, I got a Large Model second place for Teddy at MOAB! So the past few weeks have turned out very well for painting comps.

Painting Steps - GD2008 Orc Warboss

OK, I realised a few weeks ago that I have a notebook (or three) that I am constantly writing my paint recipes in, but never doing anything further with them. The only time I do use them is to reference colours I used to reuse a combination, but I also run the risk of not being able to understand my handwriting after a few years. My resolution was to start typing them all up for future use. I also realised I could recycle them into blog posts to show how I did things.

I figured that I would start with the Orc Warboss that was given out at Golden Demon in 2007, and I painted up for 2008. The model is a favourite of mine for several reasons: I'm a former Orc general, so this model had instant appeal to me. It was the first model I ever painted specifically aiming for it to be a display model. It's also currently my highest rated mini on CMON.

So here we go, on with the painting:

Undercoat: White

Base – Mechrite Red and Blood Red (1:1)
H – Mechrite Red/Blood Red/Sunburs…