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Things Get Painted - Dropzone Commander Shaltari Braves

So let's jump in the deep end here! I haven't done something this in depth before. A few posts ago I did an unboxing on the Shaltari Tribes force I had. This time, I'm painting them, and everyone gets to go along for the ride!
As we go, I'm going to show you what paints I used, and discuss how I painted them from the start to end. You'll also get to see me get close to finishing, and then change my mind. This happens when I don't plan out everything exactly as I want it, but it's a learning curve. I was going to work around it, but figured I'd include it as well. So here we go!

These are the Shaltari Braves. They come on giant chunky sprues and also have some thin resin bases to plug into. The bases need to have a tab trimmed and filed from the bottom so that they sit flat. The models themselves are quite easy to clean while on the frames. I left them on while I did that, as they are easier to handle, and then brushed them with a wire brush to polish t…