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Things Get Painted - New Year, New Crew(s)

Everytime I think I'm going to blog more here, I get delayed longer. So I'll try blogging again... and then spend three weeks trying to finish this post. 

Back in late November, I started painting a new Malifaux crew. I had been trying to paint Ulix and his pigs for a while, and some time off with room to paint let me give it a shot.
First I did the Wild Boars. Initially, these were suspected to be something I painted, and rarely used. Since painting them, I've got to play two games, and a quite enjoy them! All these models were painted to test out the sketch style contrast minis has been using. While it didn't show much on these models (I suspect due to dry brushing with opaque paint countering the lights and darks initially laid down for thinner paints), u think they still turned out well.
Piglets were next! These were an addition to the core box, and also a good reason to figure out flesh tones for the larger pigs.

These are among my favourite malifaux models n…