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Things Get Played - Hero Quest

About a week ago, I got invited to a friend's place with another friend so that he could try cooking Moroccan food. The other thing in the invite? This:

There was mention of bringing our own minis for the event if we wanted, so I turned up with the two most Hero Quest-y models I had in terms of stereotypes: Legolas, and a random Dwarf model I painted years ago (Burlok Damminson seemed overkill).

We played through the first quest, and it took about two hours. I should point out that the last time I played this I was probably 12, but for a while, it was the board game a few friends and I played for several school holidays. A Hero Quest goblin is also the first mini I ever painted, and to the best of my knowledge is still in the possession of my best friend. As an intro game, this was what got my friends and I interested in wargames like Warhammer, and eventually, this influenced my love of DnD and adventure board games. In short, this game is responsible for igniting an interest 20 or…

Things Get Painted - WIP - Wyrd - Mr. Tannen

Testing out the new blogger program which should generally let me update more frequently. Here is a quick pic of something I've been working on.
This is Mr. Tannen for my Dark Debts crew for Malifaux. I should have him finished by the weekend.