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Dreadlord WIP, and a lack of power

Last post, then sleep. Sleep wasn't something I got much of last night, as I was trying to do some work on this guy; my next GD project:

But then not long after I got the base done to this level:

...The power went off, leaving my to do little odds and ends with a head-mounted lamp while I waited for the electrician to show up and find the cause of the problem. Leaving me with this:

...Then it turned out they couldn't fix it, meaning I had to get up early this morning to feed some cats I was minding for a friend, then head to the real estate to get it sorted by their electrician. How took seven hours to turn up (Hence all the side projects as the desk is blocked pretty well from light).

Anyway, normal painting schedule should resume as normal from tomorrow morning (Here's hoping...)

Sorrows / Fun with the airbrush

Next up are the Malifaux Sorrows. These have been floating around for a while, and I figured today with some downtime (See the next post) that I could clean them, get the base, and possibly even the bulk of the green done with the airbrush. After some cutting and gluing, failed pinning, and fun with putty and slate, I broke out the airbrush...

(It has a hands on feel by the end...)

And then the Sorrows were painted to some degree:

The rocks were a happy accident. The accident was breaking my new .5mm drill bit in a Sorrow on my first time using it. The happy bit was that when I propped one model up with a rock after trying to putty it in place, it looked good, so I decided to continue that on the other tow models. I may have to add some sand beyond this do it doesn't look like someone just piled the rocks up, but I think it looks OK.

As for the rest, I have to do a a few tiny touchups (Not even visible in the photos) on some dark colours in the green, and a few bolder highlights, and…

Jester Finished

Lots of updates tonight, and this is the first:

The Jester is finished! My first GD entry of the year is done, and I've picked up already on a few things I did wrong in the process to correct for my next project. But here are some interim shots of him at the moment: