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Things Get Played - "I just keep attacking the statue"

So, as a warning, this post is mainly text...

I've posted a few times about my dnd game. I'm still having fun, and have another two games lined up, plus big plans for the future for it. But I wanted to post briefly on the fact I rapidly lose control of my story in game, and I really like it!

My players have been (with good intention) taking control of the games for a while now. I plan the plot less and less, and they fill in the blanks with no issue. They usually come up with some idea I didn't have, and watching it unfold is great.

Two games ago, I had them fighting under a lake against some mercenaries who were feeding arcane energy to a giant dragon corpse frozen in ice, which from here will be referred to as "the statue". They had already run the game off the rails early on with a great outcome, and there were some cool character moments as well. Now the fighting had begun, I lowered my guard.

The final fight was the outcome of the arcane offering was a shadow dr…

Things Get Painted - Infinity Haqqislam

The gang's all here!

And it only took a year...

Oh well, I finally got my old Haqqislam models painted up. With a colour scheme stolen from some form of electric rodent, these I've been knocking round my brain for a while, and my painting desk for the last year or so. It's been good to get them finished up, and I got to try a few things along the way.

These were another chance to try out the NMM paint set Vallejo did, which comes with a guide written by Angel Giraldez. I was also curious about the sketch style which has been shown on Contrast Miniatures, so gave it a go on these. I need to work on that a bit more, but while I was aiming for tabletop standard, I'm happy with how these turned out.

The Fiday was my favourite to paint. I liked the pose and the chance to do a few lens and visor parts, and the knife was going to be a fun one to mess with for NMM. I'm slowly getting there with NMM, and know what I need to do next time to get a bit better, which is always a go…