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Things Get Played - Journey - Wrath Of Demons

So, in the quickest time I think I have ever done this, I got two games of Journey in today! I can't remember when I got a new game AND got to play it so quickly!

Btu first, I feel I need to remind people of what my first introduction to the story this board game is based on is:

With that in mind, I was aware that this was not going to be a comedy game where the Monkey King plucked hairs from his head to power attacks, or questioned the sexual preferences of his opponents and team mates. But I was giggling at the memories as I played.

To be brief, the game is quite fun! I read the book of the original story years ago, so I was aware that Pigsy and Sandy were not the names of two of the companions, but old habits and so on, I still referred to them as that. But flicking through at least Monkey's cards (I was playing him), I was happy to see a few references to things like The Book Of The Dead, especially in the way that they operated in game.

Anyway, we played the first two que…

Things Get Opened - Journey - Wrath Of Demons

One day, long in the future, historians will stumble over Kickstarter, and marvel at the resurgence of board games into the public eye. Wil Wheaton will probably held accountable, and only the gamer wars of 2025 will decide whether we is seen as hero or villain.

Anyway... Where was I...

Oh yeah! Board games and Kickstarter!

A while ago, I backed Journey, Wrath Of Demons. I was a fan of the theme, having grown up with reruns of Monkey on TV, and I really liked the miniatures. The fantastic paint jobs in the updates only helped to sell it. For those of you that want to relieve the Kickstarter, the link is here.

So, I was excited to find in my letterbox yesterday a post office notice that I had received a parcel, which in this case was Journey! It only arrived about a year after the expected date, which is still good for a board game Kickstarter.

So, there was no confusion as to what was in the box, but it weighed about 4.5kg, which seems par for the course when a game goes well on Kicks…

Things Get Painted - Reaper Mousling Thief

Getting some photos quickly edited to post, as I have a huge backlog, and some recent ones I want to post. So here, with very little explanation, is my Reaper Mousling Thief:

I got this one done a few years ago. I realised after painting it that I had used similar colours to a classic Batgirl costume. So I guess this Mousling is called Barbara...

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