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Random Thoughts - The New Malifaux Masters

A few days ago, Wyrd released further details on the new Masters and crews being released at Gencon in a few weeks to go with the new book, Ripples of Fate. I had a few things bumping around my head about the way the new Masters seem to operate, their crew boxes, and a few other things that have struck me.

So first of all, if you want to see the run of crew boxes including model renders, they are viewable HERE. I'd post photos here, but I'm not too sure how that sits with use of Wyrd IP, so I'll just play safe and leave it. I'll link to each of the Masters as they listed as well, so if you want to see their cards, Wyrd's tactica and so on, click the Master name, and you'll get taken there. I'll run through my initial thoughts on them, why I'd be worried about facing them, and why I'd be interested in playing them.

The Guild - Nellie Cochrane
What Do They Do? Nellie's theme seems to be the Evidence condition, something (and possibly others) build u…