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Things Get Built - Ollyver from Twisted

I haven't posted much stuff, and it's for a few reasons. I'm not going to go into huge detail her because, mainly, it's boring. The main reasons are:
1) Work is destroying my time - I now do a week of a set shift, then move onto another time slot for a week, then back to another. I am not used to shift work like this, and it's messed with my sense of time and energy, so I'm not too motivated. 2) I'm prepping for surgery - I have some long overdue arm surgery coming up that will see me out of action for a few weeks. I've been trying to get this sorted for about 8 months now, so as the time gets closer, I start to freak out and plan ahead a bit. That's eating into my free time, as are strangely timed trips to various parts of the city for related tasks. 3) I've been building stuff. In prep for my time off, I've been building stuff to paint while I recover. I'm planning a bigger blog post on this, but "cleaned some bases" isn't m…