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Things Get Painted - Lynx Helicopters

Remember these minis from a few weeks ago? I decided last week I need to get the choppers painted, as I could use them in a challenge I have going with two friends. Surprisingly, they got done pretty quickly...
It was pretty quick to start. I gave the rotors a spray of gw black as they were going to be 90%+ black anyway, and the bodies a spray of Chieftain Green. I found I ended up using about 5 coats as the colour was pretty thin, but at the end the details were all clear, and it was a nice solid colour.
For the main colours, I stuck with the painting guide in the Iron Maiden book. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have done an all over wash, but just did the panel lines. However, I'm still happy with how they turned out by this stage.
I continues on, picking out weapons, markings, and some other details. It took maybe two and a half hours to get the main bodies and camo done, then another 2 hours to do all the details such as weapons, markings, and windows.
(It's quite pos…