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Lictor II

Some photos of the Lictor as it nears completion. These were taken over a few days, posing with various models to get things lined up correctly...

Under construction:

Pinned, scrubbed, waiting for putty:

(I was trying to get a bit of spinning motion to him when viewed from the top)

Puttying the model:

For Christmas I got an airbrush, and needed to try it on something big. Which, as luck would have it, was the Lictor i had been doing up for the previous few days...

G'elli Mah - Goblin Wolf Rider Boss - Final pictures

My Wolf rider is finished! He's mainly done up for army use and a conversion contest, but here are the pictures:

The Wolf III

Some more photos of the wolf:

Earth to Hell by Kylie Chan

When I was young(er), one of the things that stuck in my head was all the mythology stuff I used to read, and as well as that, the old TV show Monkey. About a year ago, I came across White Tiger, the first Kylie Chan book from the Dark Heavens trilogy in a book store. It looked good, had some interesting points on the back cover, and when I flicked through quickly (something I have to stop doing when book shopping) and saw words like 'sword', 'explode', 'demon', and realised this was a book I may enjoy. But I had no money, so I had to put it back.

I bought it somewhere around August though, and quickly went through the entire trilogy. Then I found out that there were two more trilogies planned with the same characters, and I started waiting for book 4 (Earth to Hell) to come out. Then I found out that not only was it being released before Christmas, but there was a signing at Parramatta at Infinitas Bookshop, which is where I found the original book. So I went …

The Wolf II

A bit more work on the wolf. The gap around the wolf feet was filled last week to make it stand on the rock, not above the rock:

I've also started painting it:

I tried a glow effect on the eyes, and while i think in real life it is better on the right hand side, it is barely noticeable in the photos. I also tried a few cuts on his back legs.


After the wolf is finished i'm working on a Lictor. However because it's for a contest at the beginning of the year, i need to start work on it straight after the wolf. Meaning i have to start testing things for it NOW! So here are some photos from the test phase of poses:

I wanted it to look stealthy instead of surprised like the standard kit seems to be assembled as. The warlock is there so that when he is put next to something i can make sure he is looking at their head, not at a point three feet above it.

Malifaux Bases

I have a Pandora Crew box set for Malifaux which i am painting up. It was purchased mainly on the basis it has Baby Kade, Candy and Pandora. I wasn't too fussed about the Sorrows, although they still look like they will be pretty fun to paint. I decided i wanted some simple tiled bases for them as the Wyrd models tend not to need giant showy bases, and as they are going to be used in games, it quicker and simpler the better:

Well, that's what i thought. Turns out to cut the tiles bases for three bases, fit them, fill the gaps etc averaged out at about 30 mins each. I'm just happy at the moment as there are only 6 in a group, so i'm not going to have to do something the size of a Warhammer army with 1/2 an hour on each base.

The Wolf

Well, i've meant to start a blog for a while now, so here goes. This is a wolf rider conversion i am working on at the moment. It's for a conversion contest, and based on the rider from the old GW Goblin Wolf Riders. The wolf it came with is long past useable now, so i wanted a larger wolf to add a bit of menace. And that's when i decided to use a Chaos Warhoud:

The rider doesn't fit flush with the wolf, so the obvious way to get around that is to make a saddle. And when it didn't look right, i kept adding scales to make it look like dragon hide.

Once done, i put him together with the rider and base i had made to get some shots of him:

The shield is a Dwarf buckler with the emblem ground off. The skull is from the skull bitz pack, and the rock is made out of a greenstuff/milliput mix.