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Things Get Painted: Sarah the Vampire Hunter

I left it late to enter a local painting comp, and needed something quick to do this weekend. With a theme of "heroes", I was going to do an SDE figure and leave it at that, but I started digging through my old metals when I found the mini I needed.
Sarah, Vampire Hunter. It's an old CMON mini, and I always wanted to do a scenic base for her. Granted, I didn't have the time to do what I wanted, but this was an action out of necessity, and if I didn't do something now, I probably never would...
I used an old mdf disc as the base, and started by drilling a hole for her feet close the the edge. The background would be a grave with uneven ground. I puttied the grave in first, and added an mdf headstone, then more putty for support. I added spots of putty over the base to make the ground uneven. I also added a Secret Weapon skull in the ground as something to break up the "just ground" feeling. I then used Sandy paste for the grave, and pumice paste for the re…