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Things Get Opened - Kings of Artifice by Wyrd Games

And here is another game unboxing I did and forgot to share. Now I have no backlog of these, I guess i Have to do some more in the future...

Anyway, this is my unboxing of Kings of Artifice from Wyrd Games

Things Get Opened - Zombiecide by Guillotine Games

So this is one of two videos I did a while ago, but never got the post finished to put them onto here... Eep...

This is me opening and looking at the contents of Zombiecide from Guillotine Games.

Darkling Games has a new website!

A quick one:

Darkling Games (Previously known as Bederken) has a new website, with a new store and forum. If you want to get in at the start of something as it builds, now would be a great time. And if you are looking for an Australian-based miniature company, or have interest in skirmish games rules (Skulldred is currently in the works there), or just have a soft spot for the classic 80's-90's era design of minis, but with a more up-to-date and better produced feel, I think you would really enjoy it:

Darkling Games

Random Thoughts 14 - Adventures at Cancon 2014, and the Meg Maples Painting Workshop

So I'll start by pointing out that this is part of the reason I've been worn out lately. I've been really busy lately, and it's left me rather drained. Blogging has been the last thing in my mind, sadly.
Also, there aren't any images in this post... yet. I'll add them in later, but I seem to have lost most of the images from the last month on my laptop somewhere. Anyway, on with the fun and games!