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Things Get Painted - Cohen the Barbarian

Do you like aged, grizzled men in leather and fur? Then this post is for you!

Random Thoughts 15 - Is this still on?

Yeeeeaaaahhhhh.... Sorry 'bout that.

I totally intended to keep blogging. Honestly. And then I get busy. So a bit of an update on what I have been doing for most of the year, and what has been keeping me off the blog:

Each year I set out with the intent to do more blog work. It's fun, I enjoy it, and I like being able to clear my head about stuff and show progress. This year though, I lost track of time in a big way.

Part of that time was GenCon. This year was my first trip there, overseas with friends, attending a mini painting comp while there. While it was great fun, and I dearly want to do it again next year, the comp hung over my head as soon as CanCon ended in January. It's very hard to ignore when you start booking trips so soon after one con, and it seemed to rush the time through. So that ended up over my head for several months as I (as usual) bit off more than I could chew, and tried to get everything done in time. Not long after I got back, I started planning m…