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It's finally clean! (Ish)

I've almost got my painting desk clean again. It's been months since it was this clean, and every time I try to do anything here it gets worse.Hopefully I'll be doing normal painting again shortly...

Things Get Painted AND Things Get Played - Some fire for the Bakers

I have a two in one update! I've been really busy the last few weeks which has worn me out and stopped me painting much. On top of that, a lot of hobby time was spent prepping for the next chapter in the DnD game I run for my friends, The Band of Bakers:

Currently the Band of Bakers are on the second of a series of trials set to them by several gods, each of which has an association with a member of the party. This weekend they faced the second trial, which usually involves a party member being separated to prove their skills while the others fight, effectively splitting the party for a few rounds. This weekend the party's ranger Varis faced the Trial of Melora, and the Bakers were victorious. Everyone seemed to have a good time, including myself, aside from the party wizard Miri, who wasn't able to make it, and was therefore planeshifted away for the game (With soon-to-be-mysterious results!).

My friend Garry managed to nab some photos during the game, and kindly let me p…