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Things Get Built: So Many Things...

I've not been painting much lately, but I've been trying to build a lot of the models sitting at my desk so that I can get them ready for painting. Here's what I've been getting built over the last few weeks...
Mantic Dwarves! OK, so they were half built when I got them, but I've finished building and figured out how they all rank up, and labelled them to save on confusion. I still have to go and clean off burrs and mould lines, but these should be things I can quickly paint up to build a force.
A Ulix crew (or at least the start of one) for Malifaux. This is the standard box set, plus The Sow, Old Cranky, and some Piglets. I want to eventually expand the crew (lots of pigs!), but this will be a good start. I really liked the models once they were built, with Old Cranky and his pipe probably being the fiddliest detail in the crew.
More Neverborn! The Sorrows will be added to Lilith's force, The Carver will join Pandora as a Killjoy proxy (I have a lot of things I…

Things Get Played and Read: Turtles, Demons, and Wizards

I've managed to play a few games over the past few weeks (or at least attempt to play them). I thought I'd do a quick run through of what I played.
I played TMNT Shadows From The Past by IDW with some family over the long weekend. There may have been alcohol involved for a few members of the table, it may have been late, so it may have been a bit hard to understand, especially when 3/4 of the table aren't gamers...

It was still a good chance for me to learn the rules live. I like the mission system and the way it evolves as you go, and think fans of the game could get a lot of replay out of it. I also really like the dice co-op mechanic, and that the Turtles all behave differently, so you quickly get situations where Mikey hands out movement, and Donatello hands out defence. I'm keen to play it again with a few of my regulars.
The Others by CMON got played on Tuesday. Again, this is one I hadn't played live, so I stumbled over the rules a bit as well. I'm pretty s…

Things Get Painted - Rats!

I grabbed a bunch of minis the other night, with the intent to work on some for the 48 Challenge mentioned in Bingo post. My intent was to do a horse drawn limber from Flames Of War, but while I like the models, I was a bit intimidated by the number of parts in them. They will be a future project, but I decided to do the rats from the Mantic Dungeon Critter box.

After thinking the resin blocks off all the models in the kit, I cleaned up the rats, roughly filled in the holes in the base with Vallejo Plastic Putty, and got them ready to prime. The resin is really nice. It holds sharp details, and there has only one rat with a slightly miscast area (lack of texture), but it's so small it's barely noticeable when painted. The resin is also a bit softer than I've worked with before, but also firm. I was able to snip and cut pieces without much force, but it's still solid, and they have a lot of fine details like the tails which show well. Whatever Mantic are doing resin wise…

Things Get Painted - BINGO!

So, I'm going to blog about something, then you'll rarely see progress on it over the next few months.

Nothing new, right?

Anyway, at the start of the year, I was talking to two of my friends who had recently got back into painting. As a matter for motivation, a bingo challenge was suggested.
You've probably seen a few of these about. But between the three of us, a few different ideas were into the mix, and somewhere along the way titles were added.

No, the diorama one is not a typo. Think about it for a moment. Then wonder how that's related to dioramas...

So a few of my most recent projects have been related to this specifically. The orcs, the lynx, and terrain have all been related to this.

It's actually got me planning projects in advance, and looking forward to trying different things. I've also figured out a few ways to actually game the system as well :)
But how is it going, and has it interfered with my previous painting plan? OK, and somewhat. I'm definit…