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Alternate Necromancer Photos

OK, I tried taking a few different shots of the Necromancer. In the end I used the blue parchment background as it gave a closer balance of the colours, even though they still see a little off to me. But I figured I would post these up anyway. So here are some links to the other Photobucket folders with the pictures:

Blue Gradient 1 This was on the standard blue gradient, but the colours came out too warm.

Blue Gradient 2 The same gradient, different alignment of the shots.

Grey Parchment Grey parchment paper. The greens seem a bit closer to the real colours in this set, but the rest of the colours are off.

Necromancer - Finished!

Last week I finished the Necromancer, but never got around to posting him here. So here are the photos. I was happy with how he turned out. This was my first time trying to paint with muted colours, so I ended up using a lot of grey and browns in his colours. I like how he turned out, however I noted that he stands out obviously among all my other brightly coloured models :)

CMON Link as usual

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed

Last night, I finally finished playing Force Unleashed/ Generally I avoid anything concerning Star Wars unless I'm damn sure George Lucas was kept far away from it's development. This was one of those times.

Yes, I know the game has been out for longer than it should have taken to complete it. And I've had it for most of that time. But it's rare for me to play games for very long, and I end up getting part way through and moving on to something else. It's not a boredom thing, it's just other things appear that take priority.

Last night I wanted to kill a few hours, and thought I would have another go at it. Initially I got up to the Death Star level (Which I knew was the end), and something started to frustrate me no end with the game. I had no idea what it was, I just started getting ten minutes into the game every time I tried to play, and gave up even though I knew I was close to the end.

Last night I loaded it up. About halfway through the level, I realised…

More Neon Genesis fun!

My sister decided while she was visiting this weekend that she wanted to go shopping down the road while she was visiting, and I ended up playing the driver. Not that it's too bad, as it meant I got to go and have a look in HobbyCo. After getting some NGE stuff from there before, I wanted to have a look at the Eva unit models they had in stock to see if there was anything interesting. They seem to be similar to the ones I got previously, but on the way out I noticed some NGE mini-model things. There were three series, and looked like characters from the @School range. I ended up going back and grabbing three of them.

One thing I wasn't overly joyed with was that they are blind boxes, so you can't pick what you are getting. Which for me means that I will probably ended up getting one model from the end of the collection, and then end up buying ten of the same figure in a row before I get the one I want. Luckily it's not like they are $20 each, but I was still expecting t…

Necromancer update!

A quick update on what the necromancer is like at the moment. The colours in the photos are a bit off, but the skirt and bandages are finished, and I have moved onto the gems and bottles, as well as the sharp bits on the legs which will be gems as well.