OK, another backdated post...

This is Teddy for my Malifaux Pandora crew. The base was done up with the same colours to match the rest of the crew, however the difference this time was that I airbrushed the colours on. Thanks to some masking tape and planning ahead, I got the colours down very quickly, and only needed to touch up two tiles. It saved a LOT of stress trying to do that many tiles by hand. There are WIP photos, however I might post them at a later time. Another thing I did with this model was managed to do the fur (apart from a few final highlights at the end) with the airbrush, which allowed me to speed the whole process up a great deal.

A shot of him with Kade for size reference.

And a self-promoting CMON link...


  1. Looking good! Teddy is an absolute terror on the table, so hard to put down!


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