WIP - Steamfitters Union - Part 1

OK, I have posted barely anything lately, and have done very little in the way of models. I do have some work to put up over the next week or so, but I wanted to post these up before I forgot.

This is the Aetherworks Steamfitters Union. I've been meaning to paint it for ages, and a few weeks ago I got a chance to start working on it, so I got some work done on it, and thought I would take some photos as I went:

This was the building with a bit of wood putty around the pegs. After the outhouse last time, I put my head down and realised that what I probably missed on it the most was treating the *wooden* model as if it was a GW plastic. Greenstuff and milliput worked OK on it, but there is putty designed for wood, so I thought I would try that. The advantage was that it smears on like toothpaste, so it doesn't need mixing etc. It's most obvious on the roof in the background.

This was after the putty was smoothed back (You'll have to take my word for it). I tried to get a smooth a finish as possible, as I knew that if I left scratches in the wood, they were going to show up once painted, and knowing my luck I would probably end up getting them in obvious areas.

Undercoated. Like the wood putty, I ended up going and buying some undercoat designed for wood. It cost me a bit less than it would for a can of GW spray, but I have enough paint I think to do a scale replica of Sydney with these models, so it's going to last a while. When I used spray undercoat before, it went on a little grainy, but this seemed a lot smoother, even if I did have to brush it on in a few coats.

This is the basework for the colours. I used some Derivan Mini paints to get the orange/yellow on there, and some scorched brown for the dark wood basecoat. I realised while doing this though that I can't mask and hand paint to the same degree of neatness as masking and airbrushing. So at some point in the next few weeks I'll be airbrushing similar colours over these to make it a lot neater, and working on it from there!

More to come soon. Hopefully...


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