WIP - Dark Elf Dreadlord 1

So, my Golden Demon projects have started (Although by the time this goes up, they will be well under way). The first plan is the Dark Elf Dreadlord. Below are some photos taken during the model being painted.

The blue was airbrushed on the get a smooth a coat as possible to the armour so that I could work from there. I then started working on the head. The plan is to have the model quite dark, but the face pale so that it stands out and draws the eye.

The colours were blocked in as I got some feedback that seemed to be under the impression that I was doing a monochrome model, which wasn't the plan.

Once the main colours were in place, I started blocking in freehand and designs so that I could mess around in the area, without having to finish once area and then wreck it once I went over it to do the freehand.

Up next, the base!


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