Things Get Played: Lady Justice, defeated in Parramatta

As a quick post, I've been playing Malifaux on a weekly basis for a while now. This is for a few reasons:
1) I figured if I didn't force some R&R into my life, into would be hard to fit in later on
2) A great Hobby Store, The Games Cube, opened up a few suburbs away, and they run Malifaux on Wednesday nights
3) In the time I wasn't playing it, I missed it, and wanted to play it more.
 4) I wanted to use Justice more in the lead-up to 2nd Edition, to try to get more 1st edition experience with her before the switch.

In the past few weeks I've managed to get a game in every week at least (apart from one night where I painted), and a few months ago played in the GT here in Sydney. It's also been fun going against some crews I don't often get a chance to go up against. Last week I went up against Mark's Colette Crew, which is a really nice looking crew. Mark did a write up on his own blog with some pictures of the match you should check out if you have time (HERE).

Mark hasn't been playing too long, but has already got his head round the rules quite well, and seems to have just about mastered a few of the trickier tactics of Colette's crew. Her trick of switching with out of the way models is nasty, but when she does so to lure you into a trap with her Coryphee Duet, it's even scarier!


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