Things Get Painted - Malifaux Rail Crew

Happy 2014 everyone! I'm going to try to update my forgotten blog a bit more this year, and I'm starting with photographing some minis I recently finished. This is my Rail Crew for Malifaux!

I have had the box for a while now, and wanted to get them painted up for even longer. I really liked the look of the Mei Feng model, and while I wasn't overly keen on the Rail Workers compared to the other models in the crew, they still had enough character to make them enjoyable to paint.

Anyway, I'll give some feedback on how I go with them in the next few weeks as I start to try them out more, but for now, enjoy the pictures! I'll also add some CMON links into the post when I get them loaded there as well...

Crew - CMON Link

Mei Feng - CMON Link

Kang - CMON Link

Emberling - CMON Link

Rail Worker 1 - CMON Link

Rail Worker 2 - CMON Link

Rail Worker 3 - CMON Link

Has anyone out there played Mei Feng before? Any suggestions on what I should add to the crew next? I'm tempted to use some Steam Arachnids to act as cannon fodder for scrap counters for her to Railwalk to, but are there any other ideas? Maybe a Desperate Merc to set off her DF trigger (Because, turns out that won't work with Pandora, grumble grumble grumble)...


  1. Fantastic, no other word to describe them. Loving the skin tones :;


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