Things Get Painted - Reaper Powder Monkey - Hide The Rum!

I promise I've painted stuff this year, but I also painted this one about a year ago. I got photos at the time, but not very good ones. They were taken outside where the sun was out of my control (I missed my lamps and my ability to manipulate them).

This is what happens after I cleaned up the images a bit. Not the best, but it still works. This little guy was a present for my younger sister, she being a fan of both monkeys and Pirates of the Caribbean. She wanted her own 'Little Jack' and this was a present for one of her birthdays or moving out of home (It was promised well before it was finished, and was well overdue, and I forget which it was).

The base was made by building up Milliput over an Aetherworks wooden MDF display plinth, then sanding back and treating like any other base, only slightly larger. I also added water effects, however I mixed them too fast and the water clouded. Still, it's a happy scene, and my sister likes it.

If you'd like to vote for him on CMON, he is located Here and is currently rating at


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