Things Get Painted - Cohen the Barbarian

Do you like aged, grizzled men in leather and fur? Then this post is for you!

So, world, this is Cohen the Barbarian. Cohen, the world.

At time of writing, Cohen is actually a few years old. He was painted for a friend a few years ago (I believe as a thank you for saving me from dehydration at a convention, but my memory is hazy as this octogenarian barbarian). He simply requested that I try to match Paul Kidby's fantastic artwork (From The Last Hero), which, in honesty, I probably would have done anyway. He is in a bit of a strange pose, and some parts are hard to reach, but he is a fun model to paint all the same, and definitely wasn't the worst I have worked on.

For those of you that like clicking links and voting on things, he has been loaded onto both Putty & Paint and Cool Mini or Not.


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