Things Get Opened - Journey - Wrath Of Demons

One day, long in the future, historians will stumble over Kickstarter, and marvel at the resurgence of board games into the public eye. Wil Wheaton will probably held accountable, and only the gamer wars of 2025 will decide whether we is seen as hero or villain.

Anyway... Where was I...

Oh yeah! Board games and Kickstarter!

A while ago, I backed Journey, Wrath Of Demons. I was a fan of the theme, having grown up with reruns of Monkey on TV, and I really liked the miniatures. The fantastic paint jobs in the updates only helped to sell it. For those of you that want to relieve the Kickstarter, the link is here.

So, I was excited to find in my letterbox yesterday a post office notice that I had received a parcel, which in this case was Journey! It only arrived about a year after the expected date, which is still good for a board game Kickstarter.

So, there was no confusion as to what was in the box, but it weighed about 4.5kg, which seems par for the course when a game goes well on Kickstarter and ends up getting improved components over and over again. 

Definitely a well presented box, and the details on the minis show a lot of detail. Sometimes, it's tempting to think that the models in the game might not be as good. We'll see soon though!

Cardboard boxes hold the minis in trays, similar to the Zombicide and Cthulhu Wars minis trays.

Getting some of the boxes out of the way reveals another box, and some more components, as well as the boards and rulebook.

These are some really high quality components. I'm going to need to get some sleeves for those cards though.

The rulebook...

I'm a print nerd, so I flicked this open to find what it was like. It's very nice presentation, high quality  printing. Fantastic photo layouts, Very clear text. I'm a fan.

The board sections are all shrinkwrapped together. I'm waiting to open these later, as I need to find the steps on the Kickstarter detailing making sure they remain flat after opening them. Having said that, they look like nice quality, and wrapping them has stopped them from jostling around in the box and getting damaged, which is good. I've had a few games arrive with damaged components before. I'm glad this isn't one of them. 

The spinner! This is used in a few challenges I believe. I had a few spins to test it out, and realised early on that you need to press the button in, and then slide your finger off quickly. If you just press and release, it doesn't work. Tension! That's the key!

On to the minis! These are fantastic. Seriously, these minis will look great painted, but they are fantastic detail, and look great bare. And having them preassembled means that they can be played with straight out of the box. But these minis are fantastic. I really like how they are presented, and how they look in person.

Bull warriors!

Main characters, as well as some of the lesser demons AND bigger demons. You can see in the photos above that he details stand out quite well with no washes or painting of any kind.

My impressions so far? I'm really happy I got this game. Yes, the box is huge, so I will have to find a special place to store it, but it will be worth it. I'm excited to try the game out as well and relieve some of the Monkey King's adventures. The minis themselves appear to be a hybrid of two materials, which I believe was mentioned in one of their posts. Slender weapons appear to be made out of a more flexible material, similar to Reaper Bones (It feels a bit different though), so that they have some flex without having to risk getting snapped. But the rest of the mini is more brittle. The good thing about this is that the colour is the same in both types of materials, so they do not stand out as different materials.

My first impression? Very good! I really like the quality of the components and the way it is presented, and I'm looking forward to getting a few games in!


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