Things Get Painted - Pandora's Crew deserves a Box...

If you ever seen me transporting my minis, you may have figured out I have an unhealthy addiction to Sistema lunch boxes and Daiso display cases. Well. This past weekend, to go with the new Detolf I got the week before, I grabbed some new Daiso cases in sizes I haven't got before!

That's my Pandora crew all collected into one box! I get to make jokes about it being Pandora's Box until it stops being funny! Which is never!

So my basic method with these is to blutack all the models down. They have a clear she'll that goes over the. Top which is great for keeping the dust out as well.

Once the lid is on, they are fairly well protected and can stack, so you can have a few on top of each other to save some space as well! For frequent use cases, I'll hold them together with rubber bands as they are easier to transport, but for larger displays (this is the largest one I have right now) I use builders tape to hold it shut.

You can also see that some of them have a stepped variety, for making models up the back easier to see.

And for storage beyond that? This one fits neatly up the back of the Detolf while I get other things arranged near the cabinet, so it's safe and out of the way!

So what else do people use for display/transport when it comes to minis? Does anyone have any all in one combos?


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