Things Get Painted - More Bones, and some Malifaux

So a few quick updates and work in progress shots...

The McMourning crew makes small shuffling steps of progress. At a recent painting day I brought models to work on, and promptly forgot the colour steps I was working with :/
Small areas of green are appearing on a few models though, so that's at least some progress. Pictured above is one of the Crooligans.

OzPainters had a basing challenge, and after hastily constructing this base, I managed to get it painted in about 20 minutes and submitted with a few minutes left. The model's paint job is a rough one, and the base matches it, but it's good enough for a bit of drama on the table top.

For a future project...? I got all my old Falcon Grav Tanks for Epic in one place. They need a new paint job (Biel Tan), and will form a group in Epic, which will probably just be a fun tabletop project. However I might do some hovering bases for them. Hmmm...

A Reaper Bones Mimic. A quick job on a mini I put a base coat on last year, but haven't got round to painting. This was maybe a two hour job, and while fast, it was fun, and I really like the character of this model.

More Reaper Bones, this time Barrow Rats. Again, they are tabletop jobs, mainly with drybrushing and washes. However they have some nice textures on them, and drybrushing with a few targeted glazes let me get a nice "irradiated till the hair falls out, and that's a nasty looking lump" look to them. These will eventually be used as Dire Rats in DnD the next time I want to threaten the Bakers with a nasty illness... Or lycanthropy...


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