Things Get Painted - Terrain!

My first project to start and finish this year was some terrain, which was immediately uses in DnD the next day. It was a few simple pieces; the base of the GW Arcane Ruins set, and a Lord of the Rings statue.

As it was terrain, I wasn't too fussed with gap filling. The base had the tabs trimmed off and undercoated, and the statue was glued together with excess poly cement, which was trimmed back later in an effort to hide the seams. It was also stuck to a 40mm mdf base, but not textured.

Everything was given a white undercoat, a coat of P3 Hammerfall Khaki, then a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone. I then drybrushed with Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight. The base of the statue was painted with Reaper Dirt Brown before being coated in PVA glue and static grass. This meant any static grass that rubbed off had a dirt colour underneath, so it wasn't too obvious.

The skull on the ruins was painted Reaper Stone Grey, washed with GW Nuln Oil, glazed in places with GW Guilliman Blue, then drybrushed with Reaper Weathered Stone. 
After all this, and being happy with the end result, I'm keen to get more terrain painted up like this. I have a bag of Lord of the Rings terrain, as well as the rest of the arcane ruins, so they are likely to appear here soon!

...Huh... A sleepless Monday morning may have resulted in my basing it already. OK. I guess you can expect to see clumps of this drag through the blog in the future!


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